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Saturday 19 April, 2014  
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Traveling with Special Items

Firearms & Ammunition

You may only transport firearms, ammunition and firearm parts in your checked baggage. Firearms, ammunition and firearm parts are prohibited from carry-on baggage.

There are certain limited exceptions for law enforcement officers who may fly armed by meeting the requirements of Title 49 CFR § 1544.219.

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  American Airlines American Airlines

General Information

  • Firearms and ammunition are accepted as checked baggage only.
  • Firearms will only be accepted if unloaded and in a locked, hard-sided container only (for example - rifle case. TSA approved locks are now accepted).
  • Ammunition must be packed in its original packaging. Loose ammunition or clips will not be accepted.
  • Firearms may not be checked curbside.
  • No one under 18 years of age may check a firearm.
  • Pellet and BB guns are not considered firearms, and therefore, do not require any special handling or documentation.

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  Continental Airlines Continental Airlines


Continental accepts one item of shooting equipment per customer as checked baggage. One item of shooting equipment is defined as one hard-sided shooting equipment case containing up to five firearms, with or without scopes, 11 lbs (five Kgs.) of ammunition and articles used in the firearm sport.

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  Delta Delta


You can bring pistols and accessories as checked baggage as long as they are included in one pistol case and contain:

  • No more than five pistols
  • Pistol telescopes
  • Noise suppressers
  • A small pistol tool case
  • No more than 11 lbs. (5 kg) of ammunition

Rifles and Shotguns

Delta will accept firearms and shooting equipment packaged as follows:

  • One gun case containing up to a total of four rifles or shotguns, plus shooting materials, and tools
  • One gun case containing up to five handguns, one scope, and tools
  • One bow and quiver of arrows and maintenance kit enclosed in a case or container of sufficient strength to protect the bow and quiver from accidental damage


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  Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines

Guns and Ammunition


  • Customers are responsible for knowing and following the firearms laws of the state(s) that they will be traveling to, from, and through.
  • Our Customers must declare the gun to the Customer Service Agent at the ticket counter (no firearms will be accepted curbside) and ensure that the firearm(s) chambers are free of ammunition and the magazine clip has been removed (when applicable). Paintball guns and BB guns are considered the same as all other firearms.
  • Paintball guns are allowed in checked baggage and are not subject to the container requirements of firearms. Customers must declare the paintball gun to the Customer Service Agent at the ticket counter. Compressed gas cylinders are allowed in checked baggage or as a carryon only if the regulator valve is completely disconnected from the cylinder and the cylinder is no longer sealed (i.e. the cylinder has an open end). TSA Security Screeners must visibly ensure that the cylinder is completely empty and that there are no prohibited items inside.
  • Firearms must be encased in a hard-sided, LOCKED container that is of sufficient strength to withstand normal handling, as follows:
    1. A firearm in a hard-sided, locked container may be placed inside a soft-sided, unlocked suitcase.
    2. A firearm placed inside a hard-sided, locked suitcase does not have to be encased in a container manufactured for the transportation of firearms.
    3. Only the Customer checking the luggage should retain the key or combination to the lock. No exceptions will be made.
  • Firearms may be checked and will count toward the two-piece free baggage allowance for each fare-paying passenger. We allow multiple firearms to be transported inside one hard-sided case.
  • Southwest Airlines assumes no liability for the misalignment of sights on firearms, including those equipped with telescopic sights.
  • Firearms are never allowed in carryon luggage.


  • Small arms ammunition for personal use (provided it is properly packed) is permissible in checked baggage only.
  • The ammunition may be placed in the same container as the firearm and must be securely packed in cardboard (fiber), wood, or metal boxes, or other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.
  • When checking ammunition, Customers are limited to 11 pounds gross weight (ammunition plus container) per person.
  • Magazines or clips containing ammunition must be securely packaged (placed in another small box or in a secure cutout in the carrying case, in order to protect the primer of the ammunition).
  • Make sure guns are unloaded and definitely never transport a gun in your carryon baggage!
  • Gunpowder (black powder) and primers or percussion caps are not allowed in checked or carryon baggage.
  • Loose ammunition or loose loaded magazines and/or clips are not allowed.
  • Paintballs must be packaged in a leak-proof container and will be conditionally accepted.


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  United Airlines United Airlines


Federal regulations require that firearms in checked baggage or in their own shipping cases be unloaded and declared. Firearms are not allowed in carry-on bags. Firearms in checked baggage must be packed in a locked hard-sided bag or gun case. TSA locks are not approved for securing firearms. A maximum of 11 lbs. of small arms ammunition is allowed in checked luggage in the original manufacturer's box or securely packed in a fiber, wood or metal box to prevent movement of cartridges.

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  US Airways US Airways


US Airways will allow passengers to transport firearms in accordance with Federal Law.

  • Items of shooting equipment will be accepted as checked baggage only.
  • A passenger who presents checked baggage that contains a firearm must declare the weapon and sign a written acknowledgement that the firearm is unloaded.
  • Firearms must be packed in a manufacturer’s hard–sided container specifically designed for the firearm, a locked hard–sided gun case, or a locked hard–sided piece of luggage. Handguns may be packed in a locked hard–sided gun case, and then packed inside an unlocked soft–sided piece of luggage. However, a Conditional Acceptance Tag must be used in this case.
  • Baggage containing firearms must be locked at all times and the key or lock combination retained by the passenger.
  • A Firearm Unloaded Declaration form (available only at the airport) must be signed and placed inside the bag or gun case.
  • Checked ammunition may not exceed 11 lbs/5 kg per person. Ammunition must be packed in the original manufacturing package or constructed of wood, fiber, plastic, or metal and provide separation for cartridges. Ammunition may be checked in the same piece of luggage as a firearm. No additional documentation is required.
  • There is no limit to the number of items contained in rifle, shotgun or pistol case, up to 50 lbs/23 kg, 62 in/157 cm in maximum.
  • A passenger who presents a firearm to be checked to an international destination must be in possession of all required import documentation for their international destination city and any international transit points. It is the responsibility of the passenger to acquire the required documentation from the applicable government entity prior to travel (usually a consulate or embassy). Firearms will not be accepted for transport if international import requirements have not been met.


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