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Home » Why Choose a Browning Gun Safe?
Friday 18 April, 2014  
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Why Choose a Browning Gun Safe?

Browning Safes, Built to a higher standard.

It is an unfortunate fact that too many people put off buying a safe until it is too late, after their prized guns and valuables are lost forever to fire or theft. Even then, people often choose a safe that looks good on the outside, but isn't up to their security or fire-protection needs. If that is the case, why bother buying a safe? After all, looks add nothing to the protection a safe provides. Only intelligent design and quality construction can prevent fire damage and break-in. A safe is a long-term investment in protection — make sure it's The Best There Is.®

Browning Pro-Steel Safes
Lesser Safes
Browning/ProSteel safes are constructed with continuous welds for optimal strength.
Some lesser safes have intermittent welds, which create weak points in the safe body. Gaps in welds can also create the perfect pry point for a burglar.

Uni-Force™ Locking System – Browning/ProSteel’s premier locking mechanism (shown) uses robust cam locks and a large, multiple diversion bar system to prevent bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. Forces go to the cams and diversion bars, not the lock, creating protection unmatched by any other locking system.

Browning’s Force Deflector Locking System prevents bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock using a rotating cam device to deflect force away from the lock. It prevents energy transfer to the lock better than most systems used in the safe industry.

A lesser locking mechanism allows force from the bolts or handle to reach the critical lock. The only protection for the lock is an after-the-fact relocking device.
Browning/ProSteel safes with longer fire rating times have up to five layers of ½" insulation. See specifications for each safe series for thickness of insulation
Some safe manufacturers claim a 1550° F rating with as little as 5⁄8" of total insulation thickness. The amount of insulation is the most significant factor in fire resistance. A safe with less insulation will not provide the same fire protection as a safe with
more insulation.
The massive 1" hinges on Browning/ProSteel’s safes feature a large ½" pin for added strength. The external ball bearing hinges allow the door to open 180° and ride smoothly. Locking bolts on both sides of the door prevent intruders from breaking into the safe by attacking the hinges.
Safes with internal hinges may only open 90°, restricting access to the interior of the safe. The hinge pins are often too small and the internal hinge prevents placement of adequate fire insulation.
The Palusol seal used on Browning fire-resistant safes extends around the door so it is completely sealed in case of a fire. When heated, the Palusol expands to completely seal the door frame. Welds, seams and other areas of the safe are precisely finished.
Lesser safes often have gaps in the fire seal and in the main fire insulation. Some lesser safes even use a less-protective seal. Finish quality may be less than precise.
Browning/ProSteel safes have a door frame that is reinforced with a sturdy steel U-channel surrounding the entire perimeter. Fire insulation is placed within the reinforcement and completely around the door frame
Unlike Browning, some safe manufacturers cut costs by not reinforcing the door frame. This fails to protect against prying or pounding, making the door itself a prime target for attack.

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