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Saturday 02 July, 2016  
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Camo Pattern Guide

Advantage Max-1 HD

ADVANTAGE MAX-1 HD® lets open-terrain hunters melt into their surroundings to become “1” with the landscape by combining the perfect balance of neutral earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock, sage and open zones – with just a hint of shadow detail for added depth and realism.

Advantage Max-4 HD

ADVANTAGE MAX-4 HD® pattern incorporates cattails, millet, milo, corn stalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, plus a variety of other plant life into the largest camouflage artwork on the market.

RealTree AP

REALTREE® AP™ it’s neutral, open, contrasty and realistic — all the things necessary to make a camo pattern versatile and effective.

RealTree APG

REALTREE® APG™ is lighter, more open, more neutral-toned and more contrasty than the competition. And with the addition of olive green accents, it offers even more concealment options in early fall and spring — whether you’re drawing back on the buck of a lifetime or closing the distance on a love struck longbeard.

RealTree Hardwoods

REALTREE HARDWOODS HD® is so realistic, it makes you feel like the outdoors when you wear it. You look at it and have a desire to get out your limb trimmers. It’s that lifelike. It's a great pattern nationwide. In most instances, it’s most effective from mid to late winter, then again in early spring. But in many areas the pattern can be used no matter the season. Closely consider the surroundings and situation where you’ll be hunting and you, better than anyone, can make the right camo choice.

RealTree Hardwoods Green

REALTREE HARDWOODS GREEN HD® this ultra-realistic pattern offers all the elements of the forest - tree trunks, large and small limbs, a variety of leaf types and colors, large open areas, and extreme contrast from light to dark. Its Hardwoods pattern and green leaves blend with a wide variety of habitats.

Advantage Timber HD

ADVANTAGE TIMBER HD® offers lifelike color reproduction, unmatched definition, exceptional contrast, and improved three dimensional effects. The pattern also offers more leaf colors than any other camo, ensuring versatility across a wide range of habitats.

Advantage Wetlands Camo

ADVANTAGE WETLANDS CAMO® pattern simply looks like waterfowl habitat. The most distintive features of the pattern are its highly realistic reeds and cattails, which are common across much of North America.

Mossy Oak Tree Stand
Mossy Oak® Treestand®

Mossy Oak® Treestand® was designed specifically for hardcore whitetail hunters who hunt from an elevated position. Treestand offers whitetail hunters the ideal camouflage solution for altering their silhouette among the bare limbs of a tree in late fall.

Mossy Oak Brush
Mossy Oak Brush®

Mossy Oak Brush® blends grasses, dirt, natural brush elements and subtle shadows to provide the ultimate concealment in places once impossible to find cover.

Mossy Oak Break-Up
Mossy Oak Break-Up®

Mossy Oak Break-Up® featuring an all-new, computer-enhanced realistic bark background, the new Break-Up design exemplified a sense of texture and depth never seen on a piece of fabric. With the addition of soft, grey oak limbs and deep ghost shadows for further 3-D illusion, the natural contrast found in the woods came to life in the details of this extraordinary pattern.

Mossy Oak Obsession
Mossy Oak Obsession®

Mossy Oak Obsession® offers the same proven effectiveness features as Break-Up, but is built on the foundation of a lighter digitized background creating more versatile blending characteristics in a wider variety of woodland and non-woodland environments. The Obsession pattern uses a unique combination of proven Mossy Oak elements, like the same realistic limbs and ghost shadows used in Break-Up, and new, carefully selected spring-tone elements.

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass
Mossy Oak Shadow Grass®

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass® is easily the most effective camouflage to ever hit the marsh. We planned it that way. Every detail, including every blade of grass, was specifically selected and placed to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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