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Cleaning Kits

Testimonials from our Customers
Birchwood Casey SCK Stainless Steel Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
I have had one of these kits for years. it is ithe best portable kit i have ever owned. stowable, packable, durable, and works on everything - W. G.

Otis 1000 Elite Cleaning Kit
This kit is fantastic!I have been a sportsman all of my short life and I have never owned a nicer,easier to use,or more complete cleaning sytem than the elite.The price is even better on Abble than any were else.Thank you. - G. S.

Otis 750 Tactical Cleaning System
Product works as advertised. Cleaning from breech to barrel is possible for all kind of guns/rifles, as opposed to the straight rod cleaners. The one thing the buyer has to do is to buy additional patches and larger bore cleaner (2oz) from Otis or other vendors. I am not sure if it has a special 10 gauge bronze brush, the kit I have only has the 20 and 12 gauge brush enclosed in a vial. It is compact and other kits are available for cleaning all parts of gun/rifle components. - J. P.

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Hoppes 34011 .22 Caliber Quick Cleaning Boresnake Rifle Kit


  MPN: 34011  UPC: 026285340112
Hoppes 34015 30 Caliber Quick Cleaning Boresnake Rifle Kit


  MPN: 34015  UPC: 026285340150
Hoppes 34035 12 Gauge Quick Cleaning Boresnake Shotgun Kit


  MPN: 34035  UPC: 026285340358
Hoppes AC1 .17 Caliber Air Rifle Cleaning Kit


  MPN: AC1  UPC: 026285512519
Hoppes BoreSnake Bore Cleaner 22 Cal (24000V)


  MPN: 24000V  UPC: 026285240245
Hoppes BoreSnake Bore Cleaner 40/10mm (24003V)


  MPN: 24003V  UPC: 026285240979
Hoppes BoreSnake Viper Bore Cleaner 243/6mm (24012V)


  MPN: 24012V  UPC: 026285240955
Hoppes BoreSnake Viper Bore Cleaner 50 Caliber (24020)


  MPN: 24020V  UPC: 026285240238
Hoppes BUOX Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit w/Wood Presentation Box


  MPN: BUOX  UPC: 026285511901
Hoppes D17B .17HMR Cleaning Kit In Clamshell Package


  MPN: D17B  UPC: 026285512380
Hoppes E2CO Elite Gun Cleaner & Elite Gun Oil


  MPN: E2CO  UPC: 026285517255
Hoppes E4CCFO Elite Gun Maintainence Tune-Up Kit


  MPN: E4CCFO  UPC: 026285000023
Hoppes FC2 Universal Field Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FC2  UPC: 026285515138
Hoppes M-Pro 7 Tactical Cleaning AR Rifle Kit (0701510)


  MPN: 0701510  UPC: 763705105295
Hoppes PC040 Pistol Cleaning Kit For .40 & 10MM Calibers


  MPN: PC040  UPC: 026285514575
Hoppes PCO All Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: PCO  UPC: 026285510010
Hoppes PCO38 .38 Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: PCO38  UPC: 026285511499
Hoppes Rifle Cleaning Kit 243/6mm Clam Pack (U243B)


  MPN: U243B  UPC: 026285513561
Hoppes Rifle Cleaning Kit 270 7mm Clam Pack (U270B)


  MPN: U270B  UPC: 026285513578
Hoppes SGO12 12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: SGO12  UPC: 026285511352
Hoppes SGO12B 12 Gauge Clamshell Pack Cleaning Kit


  MPN: SGO12B  UPC: 026285512946
Hoppes SGOU Shotgun Cleaning Kit For All Gauges


  MPN: SGOU  UPC: 026285510027
Hoppes U22B .22/270 Caliber Clamshell Pack Cleaning Kit


  MPN: U22B  UPC: 026285512915
Hoppes U30B .30 Caliber Cleaning Kit/Clamshell Packaging


  MPN: U30B  UPC: 026285512892
Hoppes UAC102 31 Piece Universal Accessory Cleaning Kit


  MPN: UAC102  UPC: 026285841831
Hoppes UAC76 26 Piece Universal Accessory Cleaning Kit


  MPN: UAC76  UPC: 026285841824
Hoppes UACPR Premium Gun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: UACPR  UPC: 026285000122
Hoppes UO Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning Kit w/Clamshell Package


  MPN: UO  UPC: 026285510034
Hoppes UOB Rifle & Shotgun Cleaning Kit Clamshell


  MPN: UOB  UPC: 026285512922
Kleen-Bore BK214 Blackpowder Cleaning Kit For 32 Caliber & Up


  MPN: BK214  UPC: 026249000205
Kleen-Bore K17 .17 Caliber Cleaning Kit w/Steel Rod


  MPN: K17  UPC: 026249003671
Kleen-Bore K20 .204 Caliber Cleaning Kit


  MPN: K20  UPC: 026249003787
Kleen-Bore K204 243 Caliber Rifle Cleaning Kit w/Steel Rod


  MPN: K204  UPC: 026249000144
Kleen-Bore K206 264/7MM Rifle Cleaning Kit w/Steel Rod


  MPN: K206  UPC: 026249000151
Displaying 101 to 150 (of 323 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>] 

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