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   PISTOLS 138
   17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire HMR 2
   22 Long Rifle 26
   22 Long Rifle-22 Magnum 4
   22 Magnum 13
   25 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 10
   32 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 1
   357 Magnum 23
   38 Special 30
   380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 15
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   Double 62
   Double/Single 205
   Semi-Auto 6
   Single 13
   Other 1
   5 80
   6 39
   7 17
   8 39
   9 37
   10 30
   11 6
   12 14
   13 4
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   1 " 2
   2 " 63
   2-3/4 " 17
   2-1/2 " 1
   3 " 66
   3-1/2 " 6
   4 " 64
   5 " 30
   6 " 6
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   Taurus Firearms 287
17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire HMR (2)
22 Long Rifle (26)
22 Long Rifle-22 Magnum (4)
22 Magnum (13)
25 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (10)
32 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (1)
357 Magnum (23)
38 Special (30)
380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (15)
40 Smith & Wesson (32)
41 Remington Magnum (1)
410-45 Long Colt (37)
44 Remington Magnum (14)
44 Special (2)
45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (28)
454 Casull (6)
9mm (41)
9mm-22 Cal (2)

5 (80)
6 (39)
7 (17)
8 (39)
9 (37)
10 (30)
11 (6)
12 (14)
13 (4)
15 (10)
17 (10)
19 (1)

1 " (2)
2 " (63)
2-3/4 " (17)
2-1/2 " (1)
3 " (66)
3-1/2 " (6)
4 " (64)
5 " (30)
6 " (6)
7 " (22)
8 " (6)
Other (4)

Taurus Handguns

Taurus Handguns
Testimonials from our Customers
Taurus Millennium Pro G2 Pistol 1-111031G2-12, 9mm, 3.25 in, Black Polymer Grip, Black Finish, 12 Rd
This may be the best buy in a "carry" gun. This is not a cheap gun. It is a great gun, sold at a cheap price. I have decades and decades of experience with handguns and this may be the best new gun buy of my life. I own one, my wife owns one, her son and grandson owns one, I have friends who own them. Buy it, you won't regret it. -

Taurus Millennium Pro G2 Pistol 1-111031G2-12, 9mm, 3.25 in, Black Polymer Grip, Black Finish, 12 Rd
Just thought I'd update. Had the Millennium G2 9mm for over a year now and not one complaint. Had it at the range yesterday and it was flawless with both HP's and FMJ's. Never one hiccup out of this gun in about 1000 rounds now. Also, I love the extremely small reset on the trigger, it's amazing. I find many Taurus pistols are like this. 12+1 capacity is fantastic. I'd take this over the M&P Shield any day of the week, and I have shot the Shield, too small a grip on it and too low capacity. Not to mention the price difference. - MIKE

Taurus Millennium Pro G2 Pistol 1-111031G2-12, 9mm, 3.25 in, Black Polymer Grip, Black Finish, 12 Rd
Bought this in Nov 2013 and it's been a FANTASTIC gun! Never any failure of any kind with HP's or FMJ's of any brand. At least 600 rounds through it now. I carry this with confidence. 12+1 capacity won me over to buy this over the M&P Shield. I did like the feel of the grip better as well. Not to mention this G2 was $299 and the Shield (at the time) was $429. I want one now in 40S&W with the stainless slide. - MIKE

Taurus PT-1911 Large Frame Pistol 1191101B1, 45 ACP, 5 in, Checkered Black Grip, Blue Finish, 8 Rd
my wife bought this from able ammo. i had been wanting one for a long time. she got it for my birthday. i put 500 rounds through it without a hickup. no failure to fires, or failure to ejects. felt great and was very accurate. i had 2 small issues. first one was, one of the magazines is loose in the grip and won't hold the slide open when empty. it's a problem with the clip, not the gun. i also had a slight problem field stripping it. when i tried to take the camlock off of the front, it was hard to work out and i wound up letting the spring pop out and it flew across the room. after i shot it and went to strip it again it seemed a bit easier. the problem did not affect performance. i have shot many different brands from high end to bottom feeders. this one runs with guns costing 2-3 times as much. i highly recommend it. great gun at any price. - ANDREW

Taurus 45/410 Tracker Revolver 2441031MAG, 410 GA / 45 Long Colt, 3", Ribber Overlay Grip, Blue Finish, 5 Rd, Fiber Optic Sights
I bought one of these little beasties from a local dealer a few weeks ago. Man, I wish I had waited until I found this website! I could have saved tons of money. Anyways, believe the hype! This gun really surprised me in just how accurate it shoots a .45 LC for such a short barrel. Also, the pattern accomplished when using the recomended Winchester #4 shot shell should easily end any self defense situation with a positive outcome for the person packing this little beastie in just one shot, provided that the assailant is within 10 feet of the muzzle. If you plan to pack this gun for defense I recommend loading the first chamber with a #4 shot shell, and the other four with Winchester 225gr Silver tip hollow point. the first time I shot this gun these are what I used, and at 30 feet you could have covered all five rounds with a fifty cent piece; dead on the bullseye. Even though I paid way more than Able's sells them for I am still extremely pleased with overall quality, and craftsmanship of the gun, and definately recommend them to anyone looking for a concealed carry gun. - P. M.

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