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   Left Handed 28
   Youth Shotgun 38
   10 Gauge 21
   12 Gauge 1587
   16 Gauge 11
   20 Gauge 505
   28 Gauge 94
   410 Gauge 100
   combo 13
   2 38
   2.5 3
   2.75 379
   3 1324
   3.5 379
   Other 208
   18 " 92
   18.5 " 123
   19 " 8
   19.5 " 3
   19.75 " 1
   20 " 143
   20.1 " 1
   20.8 " 5
   21 " 17
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   Bolt Action 6
   Break Open 78
   Over / Under 512
   Pump 642
   Semi Auto 884
   Side x Side 108
   Other 101
   American Tactical 16
   Benelli Firearms 194
   Beretta Firearms 156
   Breda 22
   Browning Arms 529
   Century Firearms 7
   Charles Daly 2
   Chiappa Firearms 9
   Cimarron Firearms 1
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18 " (92)
18.5 " (123)
19 " (8)
19.5 " (3)
19.75 " (1)
20 " (143)
20.1 " (1)
20.8 " (5)
21 " (17)
22 " (120)
23 " (9)
24 " (204)
25 " (8)
26 " (506)
27 " (6)
27.5 " (1)
28 " (688)
30 " (240)
32 " (126)
34 " (12)
Other (18)

American Tactical (16)
Benelli Firearms (194)
Beretta Firearms (156)
Breda (22)
Browning Arms (529)
Century Firearms (7)
Charles Daly (2)
Chiappa Firearms (9)
Cimarron Firearms (1)
CVA Firearms (2)
CZ-USA Firearms (88)
EAA Firearms (49)
Escort Shotguns (7)
Fabarm USA (25)
FN Herstal (10)
Fostech Outdoors (1)
Franchi Firearms (53)
H&R 1871 INC (34)
Howa Firearms (44)
Interstate Arms (20)
Kel-Tec (7)
Maverick Arms (10)
Mossberg & Sons (343)
RAAC Akdal (2)
Remington Arms (132)
Rossi Firearms (14)
Ruger Firearms (3)
Russian Weapons Company (2)
Savage Arms (41)
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SRM Arms (5)
Stoeger (97)
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Weatherby (74)
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Benelli Vinci Shotguns

Testimonials from our Customers
Benelli Vinci ComforTech Plus Semi-Auto Shotgun 10500, 12 Gauge, 28", 3" Chmbr, Black Synthetic Stock
Best shotgun I ever owned in my life. - G. T.

Benelli Vinci ComforTech Plus Semi-Auto Shotgun 10505, 12 Gauge, 26", 3" Chmbr, Black Synthetic Stock
No doubt at all, this is the best semi auto shotgun you can ever imagine, super accurate, super fast, no recoil at all and looks like a devil. You feel the european quality every second you handle it. l love it. for the best balance try to get 26' barrel even if you have to wait months it absolutely worth it. - H. H.

Benelli Vinci ComforTech Plus Semi-Auto Shotgun 10505, 12 Gauge, 26", 3" Chmbr, Black Synthetic Stock
My first 12 gauge. Shooting only pistols and rifles for years, I decided to get into shotguns and hunting waterfowl after a few trips with my nephew. I went back and forth between the Vinci and the Beretta Extrema 2. I chose the Vinci and am 100% satisfied with my choice. My nephew shoots the Extrema 2(with the kick off system) and it is everything it is said to be, a fine gun. There is a difference in how the 2 handle and shoot. The Extrema 2 does kick a little bit less but in a very different way. As I read somewhere else, the Extrema 2 is like a push and the Vinci is like a slap. I chose the Vinci for a few reasons: 1) because it seems to shoulder better for me than the Extrema, 2) it feels more balanced,the weight of the Extrema 2 feels much more forward although the Vinci only weighs 2 oz. less, 3) the Vinci was a little bit less $, 4) I love the look, 5) I wanted something different. I have shot my first case through it and not one issue. When comparing it to the Extrema 2, it cycles much faster and seems to get on target quicker for the second shot. When shooting the Extrema 2 right after shooting my Vinci, you can actually hear the cycling of the bolt in the Extrema 2 as though it is going in slow motion. Kind of like when shooting some AR's and you hear the spring. Shooting with the IC choke I am hitting over 85% of the targets. Overall, I feel I made a great choice and look forward to shooting this gun for years to come. - C. P.

Benelli Vinci ComforTech Plus Semi-Auto Shotgun 10505, 12 Gauge, 26", 3" Chmbr, Black Synthetic Stock
I just received my new Vinci and am happy as a lark. This gun is incredible. The fit and finish are truly state of the art. I thought my SBE was simple in design, but it is complicated compared to the Vinci. The appearance kinda grows on you. I have not pulled an auto-loader to my shoulder that feels more balanced. I just shot my 1st straight round in skeet and cannot wait for the upcoming hunting season to start. This gun is differant and compared to my SBE kicks like a feather. Some might think the price is too high, but you get what you pay for. I have had my SBE since 1992 without problems, and the new Vinci should last through my lifetime and beyond. - J. S.

Benelli Vinci ComforTech Plus Semi-Auto Shotgun 10505, 12 Gauge, 26", 3" Chmbr, Black Synthetic Stock
I shot the new Vinci on a demo at my local range and was totally impressed with the soft recoil, balance and lack of parts. The new inertia recoil system(didn't think it could be improved on) is quite impressive. I own 2 SBE's and love them for their reliability and easy breakdown qualities. They do pack a punch though. Even though it is not a 3.5", I only shoot 3" for my ducks and geese because the shells are so much better than they were in 1990. Light loads cycle like a dream. It ain't pretty, but a pretty gun doesn't put anymore meat in the bag or break more targets. Pricewise, you only get what you pay for. You can buy an SBEII for $200 more. It is kind of like a well built tool or Humvee, very well built and very efficient for the task at hand. - J. H.

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