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   Left Handed 3
   Youth Shotgun 2
   12 Gauge 14
   20 Gauge 10
   3 20
   3.5 3
   Other 1
   18 " 2
   20 " 1
   22 " 11
   26 " 3
   28 " 7
   Pump 7
   Semi Auto 17
   Escort Shotguns 7
   Howa Firearms 17

Escort Shotguns

Escort Shotguns
Testimonials from our Customers
Escort Semi-Auto Shotgun HAT00015, 12 Gauge, 28", 3" Chmbr, Multi Choke, Blued Barrel, Synthetic Stock
I recently purchased a version of this Escort semi-auto 12 gauge. I love it every bit as much as my Remington 1100. It is used every weekend to shoot skeet, and now has about 500 rounds through it without one fail ! There are 2 bonuses you get with the Escort: 1) It is a very light gun (also, light recoil) so you do not get tired out so quickly when shooting extended rounds 2) It is very easy to breakdown and clean. This gun is made by Hatsan in Turkey. These are the same people that build some of the Benneli shotguns for Beretta. You get the quality without the high price premium. - DAN

Escort Aimguard Pump Shotgun HAT00020, 12 Gauge, 20", 3" Chmbr, Blue Barrel, Cylinder Choke, Synthetic Stock
I am a soldier at Ft. Bliss Texas and I am having probs. with where I live and the MP's is not help'n. I have been to Iraq to the point where i will not take the smallest bull shit anymore. (all together 34 months and 1 week 4 days.) Also I am from N.C. I would like to have the Escort Shotgun - HAT00020 AIMGRD 12 20 CYL. But something happen to my computer and I lost my order to get'n that shotgun and the pistle I was look'n at. Not mad at u guys just my computer. Really I like this web site. Just wish you had a discount for us military guys, lol. All up to you guys. but being a new father and having people try'n to brake into my house "while my wife, kid and I sleep'n" is gutts'ie but yet more willing to get shot. Like to see some more of this site. Take Care. Sgt. Charles P. Jones II - C. J.

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