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   PISTOLS 181
   10mm 4
   22 Long Rifle 3
   357 Magnum 2
   38 Super 9
   380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 14
   45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 108
   9mm 41
   Double 2
   Semi-Auto 179
   6 19
   7 78
   8 49
   9 19
   10 3
   Other 13
   2-3/4 " 9
   2 " 2
   3 " 58
   4 " 38
   5 " 72
   6 " 2
   Kimber 181

Kimber is dedicated to building only the finest pistols and rifles. Beyond choosing the best materials and holding true to classic design, each part in a Kimber pistol is made to the industry's tightest tolerances, ensuring unequaled dependability and performance. If you ever need to protect yourself or your family there is no better pistol to have in your hand than a Kimber 1911 pistol. These handguns are safe, accurate, fast, and their absolute dependability has been proven through generations of uninterrupted use. And the Kimber Pro Defense Pistol is just what the name implies - a dependable, ambidextrous, powerful pistol designed specifically for duty, concealed carry, or home defense.

Kimber Pistols

Kimber Pistols
Testimonials from our Customers
Kimber 3000126 Desert Warrior Pistol - .45 ACP, 5 in Barrel, Amb. Safety, KimPro II Frame/Slide, 7 Rd
great pistol. does not like off name mags. break in was about 100 rounds. grips and sights are excellent. service from ableammo was quick and will buy again - TAZDOG

Kimber 3200122 Eclipse Custom II Pistol - 10mm, 5 in Barrel, Brush Polished Frame/Slide, 8 Rd
Its a Kimber what more can I say? I am already a Kimber collector and added this one. Beautifully made and the Eclipse Custom II feels great, looks great and its a 10mm. The Eclipse Custom handles this round well. Recoil is to be expected but the way this gun is balanced and built with quality and strength recoil is minimal depending on the ammo your using. Hollow points did not cause any issues. It would make a fair concealed carry gun because of its size and caliber. Able's customer service was very helpful and my FFLdealer had the gun in three days. Able's pricing is very competitive . Because of Ables pricing, Able's customer service and finding a Kimber 10mm Eclipse, I had one fine week. Thanks Able's. - FRED

Kimber 3200267 Ultra+ CDP II Pistol - .45 ACP, 3 in Barrel, Amb. Safety, Aluminum Frame, Satin Stainless Steel Slide, 7 Rd
If you buy this gun you won't be disappointed. I've just shot it 100 times but it hasn't jammed once. That's great for an ultra compact. It is so well balanced you'll forget it's an ultra compact except it's so easy to conceal and mine weighs just 25 ounces. The night sights are great. At dusk I tried them out, all I can say is wow. You'll be happy with this one. - PAUL

Kimber 3200189 Custom Crimson Carry II - 45 ACP, 5 in Barrel, Silver Alum. Frame, Matte Black Slide, 7 Rd
Out of the guns I have, this one is my favorite. Kimber sets the standard for others to try to follow. You pull this one out when comparing weapons with your friends, the Glock carriers are gonna be the last ones to show theirs, after seeing this gun, they know they don`t compare!!!!! Buying this gun has made me pre-order the SOLO 9, and another one just like this one, just to have a matching set! - J. T.

Kimber 3000126 Desert Warrior Pistol - .45 ACP, 5 in Barrel, Amb. Safety, KimPro II Frame/Slide, 7 Rd
I like my Desert Warrior so much, I sold my Colt Gold Cup Trophy. This Kimber Desert Warrior is the 1911 I tresure, and will be inherited by my son! - J. M.

PISTOLS Matching Your Criteria (181 items)
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Kimber 3000246 Super Carry Custom Pistol - .45 ACP, 5 in, Satin Silver Frame, Matte Black Slide, 8 Rd

$1,399.99 $1,249.99 (Save: $150.00)
  MPN: 3000246   UPC: 669278302461
Kimber 3000126 Desert Warrior Pistol - .45 ACP, 5 in Barrel, Amb. Safety, KimPro II Frame/Slide, 7 Rd

$1,334.99 $1,179.99 (Save: $155.00)
  MPN: 3000126   UPC: 669278301266
Kimber Onyx Ultra Carry II Pistol 3200307, 45 ACP, 3", Black Micarta Grips, Polished Black Slide, 7 Rd

$1,459.99 $1,359.99 (Save: $100.00)
  MPN: 3200307   UPC: 669278323077
Kimber 3200186 Gold Combat RL II Pistol - .45 ACP, 5 in Barrel, Amb. Safety, KimPro II Frame/Slide, 8 Rd

$2,129.99 $1,879.99 (Save: $250.00)
  MPN: 3200186   UPC: 669278321868
Kimber Eclipse Pro Carry II Pistol 3200305, 45 ACP, 4", Slatewood Grips, Polished Stainless Steel, 8 Rd

$1,399.99 $1,249.99 (Save: $150.00)
  MPN: 3200305   UPC: 669278323053
Kimber 3200263 Royal II Pistol - .45 ACP, 5 in Barrel, Charcoal Blue Steel Frame/Slide, Solid Bone Grips, 7rd

$1,799.99 $1,599.99 (Save: $200.00)
  MPN: 3200263   UPC: 669278322636
Kimber 3200293 Custom TLE II Pistol - 9mm, 5 in Threaded Barrel, Matte Black Oxide Frame/Slide, 7 Rd

$1,158.99 $958.99 (Save: $200.00)
  MPN: 3200293   UPC: 669278322933
Kimber 3200184 Gold Combat II Pistol - .45 ACP, 5 in Barrel, Amb. Safety, KimPro II Frame/Slide, 8 Rd

$1,999.99 $1,799.99 (Save: $200.00)
  MPN: 3200184   UPC: 669278321844
Kimber 3200297 Eclipse Target II Pistol - 38 Super, 5 in Barrel, Brush Polished Frame/Slide

$1,289.99 $1,149.99 (Save: $140.00)
  MPN: 3200297   UPC: 669278322971
Kimber 3200285 Team Match II Pistol - 45 ACP, 5 in Barrel, Amb. Safety, Two-Tone Finish, 8 Rd

$1,649.99 $1,429.99 (Save: $220.00)
  MPN: 3200285   UPC: 669278322858
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