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Long Gun Cases

Testimonials from our Customers
Allen 108020 19x14x8 All Weather Black Gun Case
I have always been a fan of heavy built aluminum or metal gun cases for travel. This is my first plastic case and I got it to house my HK and Freedom Arms pistols for air travel. I would not scrimp on a case for these guns. This case is well built. The foam is scored so it can be pulled apart so that a gun can be fitted into a pocket for greater protection. There are two latches on the front (opposite the hinge) and a latch on each side. It seals up nice. If you don't plan to create a pocket for your guns, you will want to put some extra foam around the firearm so it doesn't slide down with the throwing around it will get in baggage, but that's any case. This is a very nice case for the money. As good or better than the other brands of heavy duty plastic cases available. - BRET

Browning Plainsman Case 1430049813, 13 in Black Pistol Rug
i bought 2 of these rugs and i am totally satisfied with them! browning did a great job again and able is selling them at a incredible price. well worth the cost and i have ordered more already. thanks able ammo! - W. M.

Plano Double Rifle/Shotgun Case 150201, 51.5 in
I picked up one of these in Arizona to transport two rifles back home via commercial airline. After obtaining three TSA \"approved\" combination locks, it was a simple process. I\'d recommend the case, it did the job for me and at a reasonable cost. - D. R.

Browning Traditional Fitted Luggage Gun Case - Single Barrel Trap - Black/Tan
Dose not have 3 latches as shown in the picture, but is a very nice case that wil fit any barrel length 0/u. I have 3 Browning fitted cases. Two are over 20 yrs old ,and look like new. - R. C.

Americase 3008 Premium Custom Compact SxS or O/U Case, Fore-Arm On, 32-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 3-1/2"
Americase makes the most awesome cases. This case is nearly bullet-proof and fits my three different side-by-sides. This is the highest quality production case I have come accross in 30 years of shooting. I recommend this case head and shoulders above any other case on the market. - R. R.

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Beretta FOE20188700 Greenstone Soft Rifle Case 49"


  MPN: FOE20188700  UPC: 082442025117
Beretta FOE30188700 Greenstone Soft Gun Case w/Flap 52"


  MPN: FOE30188700  UPC: 082442025070
Beretta FOE40188700 Greenstone Soft Double Gun Case 52"


  MPN: FOE40188700  UPC: 082442025087
Beretta FOE50188700 Greenstone Soft Gun Case 49"


  MPN: FOE50188700  UPC: 082442025094
Beretta FOE70188700 Greenstone Size Pocket Gun Case 52"


  MPN: FOE70188700  UPC: 082442025100
Beretta FOH430810921 692 Soft Gun Case 51"


  MPN: FOH430810921  UPC: 082442706825
Blackhawk 38 in Divided Double Gun Case (64RC00BK)


  MPN: 64RC00BK  UPC: 648018176609
Blackhawk Sportster 55 in Heavy Barrel Rifle Case (74SR55B5)


  MPN: 74SR55B5  UPC: 648018171260
Boyt Harness Tube Set Case 34105, 34", OD Green Canvas


  MPN: 34105  UPC: 617867104354
Browning Bruiser Gun Case - Double 149002, 54" x 15" x 5"


  MPN: 149002  UPC: 023614200338
Browning Canvas Series Gun Case 142510, 32 in


  MPN: 142510  UPC: 023614031277
Browning Cimmaron Gun Case 1410309152, Regular 52"


  MPN: 1410309152  UPC: 023614013617
Browning Cimmaron Gun Case 1410309248, Scoped 48"


  MPN: 1410309248  UPC: 023614013464
Browning High-Grade Universal Leather/Canvas Case


  MPN: 1424504408  UPC: 023614013778
Browning Piedmont Gun Case, 1428338212


  MPN: 1428338212  UPC: 023614369172
Browning Plainsman Case 1410040052, 52 in Mossy Oak Infinity Slip


  MPN: 1410040052  UPC: 023614210955
Browning Plainsman Case 1410040152, 52 in Mossy Oak Infinity Shotgun


  MPN: 1410040152  UPC: 023614210948
Browning Plainsman Case 1410040248, 48 in Mossy Oak Infinity Rifle


  MPN: 1410040248  UPC: 023614210931
Browning Plainsman Case 1410049152, 52 in Black Shotgun


  MPN: 1410049152  UPC: 023614204602
Browning Plainsman Case 1410049248, 48 in Black Rifle


  MPN: 1410049248  UPC: 023614204596
Browning Plainsman Flex Gun Case 1410043248, Scoped, RealTree AP, 48"


  MPN: 1410043248  UPC: 023614384175
Browning Pure Buckmark Case 1410019148, 48", Black/Gold, Scoped


  MPN: 1410019148  UPC: 023614470489
Browning Skimmer Zipper Floater Case 1410522452, RealTree Max-4, 52"


  MPN: 1410522452  UPC: 023614384199
Browning Sporter Fitted Gun Case, Black/Gold


  MPN: 1422109408  UPC: 023614019114
Browning Talon Aluminum Frame Case 1460079512, Takedown


  MPN: 1460079512  UPC: 023614204534
Browning Talon Aluminum Frame Case 1460079999, Double Gun


  MPN: 1460079999  UPC: 023614204527
Browning Talon Gun Case w/Buckmark 1410079250, 50 in Black


  MPN: 1410079250  UPC: 023614205234
Browning Traditional Semi-Auto 22 Rifle Case, Black/Tan


  MPN: 1428608090  UPC: 023614015628
Browning Wild Boar Fitted Gun Case 1421044212, Sage/Brown


  MPN: 1421044212  UPC: 023614204497
Bulldog 52 in Hybrid Shotgun Case w/Green & Tan Trim, BD276


  MPN: BD276  UPC: 672352242768
Bulldog BD266C 48 in Green w/Tan Trim Hybrid Rifle Case


  MPN: BD266C  UPC: 672352242669
Bulldog Black Tactical Case For AK-47, BD593


  MPN: BD593  UPC: 672352245936
Bulldog Black Tactical Case For PS-90, BD590


  MPN: BD590  UPC: 672352245905
Bulldog Black Tactical Case For SoCom II, BD592


  MPN: BD592  UPC: 672352245929
Bulldog Black Tactical Case w/Blank Foam, BD596


  MPN: BD596  UPC: 672352245967
Bulldog Camo Shotgun Case Floating Waterproof 52 in (BD294-52)


  MPN: BD294-52  UPC: 672352007091
Bulldog Camo Waterproof Floating Rifle Case 48 in (BD294-48)


  MPN: BD294-48  UPC: 672352007084
Displaying 251 to 300 (of 397 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  [Next >>] 

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