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Max $
   Left Handed 19
   Youth Rifle 9
   223 Remington 116
   223 Remington-5.56 NATO 757
   Bolt 269
   Break Open 26
   Falling Block 1
   Lever 13
   Semi-Auto 563
   Other 1
   3 " 1
   10 " 1
   11 " 1
   12 " 1
   14 " 2
   15 " 10
   16 " 408
   17 " 42
   18 " 41
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   2-Vets Arms 2
   2A Armament 2
   Adcor Defense 6
   American Tactical 8
   Anderson Manufacturing 5
   Armalite 37
   Arsenal Inc. 1
   Barrett Firearms 5
   Benelli Firearms 2
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3 " (1)
10 " (1)
11 " (1)
12 " (1)
14 " (2)
15 " (10)
16 " (408)
17 " (42)
18 " (41)
19 " (16)
20 " (123)
21 " (2)
22 " (114)
23 " (8)
24 " (64)
25 " (1)
26 " (26)
28 " (6)
29 " (3)
30 " (1)
Other (2)

2-Vets Arms (2)
2A Armament (2)
Adcor Defense (6)
American Tactical (8)
Anderson Manufacturing (5)
Armalite (37)
Arsenal Inc. (1)
Barrett Firearms (5)
Benelli Firearms (2)
Beretta Firearms (2)
Black Rain Ordnance (1)
Bravo Company Mfg (11)
Browning Arms (34)
Bushmaster Firearms (63)
Century Firearms (2)
CMMG (4)
Colt Firearms (62)
Core 15 Rifle Systems (2)
CORE15 Rifle Systems (4)
CZ-USA Firearms (16)
Daniel Defense (37)
Delton Firearms (12)
Diamondback Firearms (12)
DPMS Panther Arms (40)
F-1 Firearms (5)
FN Herstal (24)
H&R 1871 INC (9)
Heckler & Koch (2)
High Standard (6)
Howa Firearms (29)
Israeli Weapon Industries (7)
Kel-Tec (4)
Kimber (6)
Knights Armament Company (2)
LWRC International (18)
Marlin Firearms (2)
Masterpiece Arms (1)
Mossberg & Sons (38)
Noveske Rifleworks (3)
Olympic Arms (11)
Palmetto State Armory (1)
Para Ordnance (3)
Parabellum Armament Company (1)
Patriot Ordnance Factory (2)
Phase 5 Weapon Systems (1)
Primary Weapons Systems (1)
Remington Arms (43)
Rock River Arms (24)
Rossi Firearms (7)
Ruger Firearms (47)
Russian Weapons Company (1)
Sako Firearms (2)
Savage Arms (65)
Sigarms (33)
Smith and Wesson (27)
Spike's Tactical (2)
Stag Arms (8)
Steyr Arms (2)
STI International (2)
Thompson Center (18)
Tikka Firearms (7)
Troy (1)
Weatherby (21)
Wilson Combat (1)
Windham Weaponry Firearms (14)
Yankee Hill Machine (2)

223 REMINGTON/5.56

Testimonials from our Customers
Colt Law Enforcement Carbine LE6920MPS-B, 5.56mm NATO, 16.1 in, Magpul MOE SL Stock, Black Finish, 30 Rd
I picked one of these up at a brick and mortar store. I saw it on the rack, asked to look at it and made an impulse buy. It was a bit more pricey than what is listed here but so it goes. Id always wanted one like this- short barrel, collapsible butt. It handles nice and the MagPul furniture is a nice touch. Other than needing some sort of optical it is what the doc ordered for my AR jones... This one is a "keeper" and it stands tall next to an AK in handling, accuracy and take-down for cleaning. Feels and carries lighter than any AK Ive had and is frankly faster to bring to point. Being an AR I doubt (but havent torture tested it) it can go as long as the AK without attention in rough conditions. Lighter, quicker and more accurate tho. Im an AK man and have been for decades, but I do like this carbine, even knowing that it will need more attention. My only concern is a big one- how effective is the 5.56 in such a short barrel? The M4 Original has a 14.5 inch barrel, this one is 16 inches, a bit more oooomph. I don't like the super-fast 1-7 twist but it works for the heavier, slower 855 round. Altogether, I like this carbine and will get some sort of sight to mount on it- eventually. Friend has one with the holographic sight for which he paid thru the nose. I will probably do the same, but as it is the flip up sight works fine. Being old school, I do miss the old carry handle and havent gotten used to the "shaved" look. YMMV! - DUNRANULL

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle 5801, 223 Remington, 18.5", Semi-Auto, Hardwood Stock, Blued Steel Finish, 4 Rds
I have had my Ranch Rifle for more than 10 years and after firing over 1000 rounds through it, have never had any problem. Using Garands rotating bold design, I trust this rifle more than the AR-15. - MATTHEW

Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifle 5847, 223 Remington, Hogue Black Syn Stock, Blue Finish, 20 Rds
This rifle is amazing. It has never jammed with any kind of ammo and shoots to point of aim with different bullet weights. I've tried the light varmint slugs, and the heavy 75 grain TAP personal protection slugs. They all group under 2" at 100 yards (from a rest). The absolute best ammo that I've used is the 69 grain. Cor Bon, Double Tap, Black Hills remanufactured 69 grain all produce the best results. I consistently get one inch groups. How can you top this with an over-the-counter rifle that has had no customization. It's extremely fast with no recoil to speak of. Stay away from the Ruger 30 round mags. They are squishy. The 20 round mags are the best (if you can find any in this nutso gun climate). I give this rifle my highest rating. - JOE

Remington 700 SPS Tactical Bolt Action Rifle 84206, 223 Remington, 20", Hogue OverMolded Stock, Blue Finish, 5 Rds
You won\'t be sorry if you buy this gun. I put about 100 rnds through mine this week and I can\'t tell you how happy I am with every aspect of this 700. Really great groups and almost no recoil. Thanks Remington and Ables - E. G.

Tikka T3 Lite Bolt Action Rifle JRTE312, 223 Remington, 22 7/16 in, Bolt Action, Black synthetic Stock, Blue Finish
I picked this gun up for a good price and was very suprised at how well it shoots. Less than 1\" at 100 yds at the local range and 1-1/2 at 200 yds. It is a shooter. - R. T.

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Buying Guns Online
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Top Categories
Frequently Asked Questions
Privacy Policy
Conditions of Use
All Manufacturers
Buying Guns Online
Restricted Items
Shipping Policy
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