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Monday 19 February, 2018  
Armalite AR-30 Sniper Rifle 30M308, 308 Win Mag, 26", Bolt Action, Black, Three Section Stock, Black Steel Finish, 5 Rds, Bipod/Scope not Included

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by Charles Date Added: Friday 28 December, 2012
I bought this rifle barely used with a Leuphold VX111 scope for $1,499.00 last year, the cailiber is 300 Winchester Magnum. I'll tell you what, this thing drives tacks at 100 yards. Who ever sighted it in during prior ownership did a good job. When my wife and I took it to the range (100 yards max, unfortunately), my wife was spotting for me and said she couldn't see where the bullets were going and I thought wow, it's so off that I had to walk downrange to check the cardboard behind the target to see where the heck they were going, this was after the first mag of 5 rounds. When we got there, to our surprise every shot was within the 1 inch bullseye, which was black (printer copies) and a couple just touched the edge of the bullseye so my wife couldn't see with the scope that they were in there and neither could I with the scope. I shot a few more mags on new targets and was blown away by the accuracy and this was only using Federal 150 grain hollow points ($16.95 at Wallmart). As far as recoil goes, the muzzel brake does it's job. The only thing is, I wasn't ready for it not being use to such power and the blast knocked spent carchriges and boxes all over the place, not to mention sand from the sand bags which evidently had a leak or two which ended up in my eyes at first. You have to wear ear cups or the concusion kills your ear drums. I used plugs at first and it felt like the blast pushed them in my ears farther (just felt like that).
Back to the recoil; the recoil was very comfortable and to the point where my wife actually shot 20 rounds with no problems. If it wasn't getting late she may have shot more. The gun is a little heavy but keeping everything in mind, the caliber vs weight ect, I have no problem excepting it. If it was lighter, my shoulder would've been pretty sore since it was only T shirt weather. The bolt slides smoothly and the remmington 700 trigger was very crisp and not too hard to get a smooth pull from. The safety worked propperly after checking and rechecking it without ammo, hence Remmington 700 rifles safety problems, I wanted to make sure. A freind has the same caliber in a remmington 700 rifle and due to the light weight, he said it's like shooting a canon from the recoil.
I'm extremely satisfied with this rifle and very glad I made the desission to buy it on a wim when we saw it at a local store where it was up for consignment. The only thing is, I have to get another mag or two. I think they should made a 10 round mag though (maybe they do now and I just have to check Armalite's site). I hope this helps in making a decision. This is a GREAT rifle and if the s**t ever hits the fan in the US of A, this is a good rifle if you have to snipe to stay alive but in the mean time, I'm just going to enjoy the hell out of shooting it and try to find a 1,000 yard range somewhere. (I think they should make it in cammo too). I've seen the 50 BMG version....I can only immagine!!

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