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Home » Choke Tubes » Briley Chokes » Beretta Optima HP
Tuesday 16 January, 2018  

Briley Beretta Optima HP Extended Black Oxide Choke Tubes (BHPBX)

Briley Beretta Optima HP Extended Black Oxide Choke Tubes (BHPBX)
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Price Starting at:  $59.95

 *Please select the quantity for each item you wish to order and click the 'Add To Cart' button below.
BHPBX12GACY ... Gauge, .000" Constriction, Cylinder (BHPBX12GACY) $54.95
BHPBX12GASK ... Gauge, .005" Constriction, Skeet (BHPBX12GASK) $54.95
BHPBX12GAIC ... Gauge, .010" Constriction Improved Cylinder (BHPBX12GAIC) $54.95
BHPBX12GALM ... Gauge, .015" Constriction, Light Modified (BHPBX12GALM) $54.95
BHPBX12GAM ... Gauge, .020" Constriction, Modified (BHPBX12GAM) $54.95
BHPBX12GAIM ... Gauge, .025" Constriction Improved Modified (BHPBX12GAIM) $54.95
BHPBX12GALF ... Gauge, .030" Constriction, Light Full (BHPBX12GALF) $54.95
BHPBX12GAF ... Gauge, .035" Constriction, Full (BHPBX12GAF) $54.95
BHPBX12GAXF ... Gauge, .040" Constriction, Extra Full (BHPBX12GAXF) $54.95
BHPBX20GACY ... Gauge, .000" Constriction, Cylinder (BHPBX20GACY) $59.95
BHPBX20GASK ... Gauge, .005" Constriction, Skeet  (BHPBX20GASK) $59.95
BHPBX20GAIC ... Gauge, .010" Constriction, Improved Cylinder  (BHPBX20GAIC) $59.95
BHPBX20GALM ... Gauge, .015" Constriction, Light Modified  (BHPBX20GALM) $59.95
BHPBX20GAM ... Gauge, .020" Constriction, Modified  (BHPBX20GAM) $59.95
BHPBX20GAIM ... Gauge, .025" Constriction, Improved Modified  (BHPBX20GAIM) $59.95
BHPBX20GALF ... Gauge, .030" Constriction, Light Full  (BHPBX20GALF) $59.95
BHPBX20GAF ... Gauge, .035" Constriction, Full  (BHPBX20GAF) $59.95
BHPBX20GAXF ... Gauge, .040" Constriction, Extra Full  (BHPBX20GAXF) $59.95
BHPBX28GACY ... Gauge, .000" Constriction, Cylinder (BHPBX28GACY) $59.95
BHPBX28GASK ... Gauge, .005" Constriction, Skeet (BHPBX28GASK) $59.95
BHPBX28GAIC ... Gauge, .010" Constriction, Improved Cylinder (BHPBX28GAIC) $59.95
BHPBX28GALM ... Gauge, .015" Constriction, Light Modified (BHPBX28GALM) $59.95
BHPBX28GAM ... Gauge, .020" Constriction, Modified (BHPBX28GAM) $59.95
BHPBX28GAIM ... Gauge, .025" Constriction, Improved Modified (BHPBX28GAIM) $59.95
BHPBX28GALF ... Gauge, .030" Constriction, Light Full (BHPBX28GALF) $59.95
BHPBX28GAF ... Gauge, .035" Constriction, Full (BHPBX28GAF) $59.95
BHPBX28GAXF ... Gauge, .040" Constriction, Extra Full (BHPBX28GAXF) $59.95
* Restrictions and Disclaimers

Shotgun choke constrictions from Cylinder to Extra Full, in .005 inches (.127mm) increments let you precisely match your load to the shooting conditions, in a black oxidized finish. Long shotgun choke tube extends beyond the length of the muzzle, features highly polished interior for less pellet deformation; reduced fliers and tighter patterns. Knurled grasping band speeds installation and removal. Shotgun choke constriction is marked on band so there is no need to remove shotgun choke to verify size.

Please note that HP chokes only fit the following models: 301,692, A400, DT-11, SV10, and the new Silver Pigeon 1 (2014)

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