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Sunday 28 May, 2017  

Browning Buck Mark Pistol. Plus UDX

Browning Buck Mark Pistol. Plus UDX
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2 of 5 Stars!
Sadly I must agree with the other reviewer. I wanted to like this pistol but there are just too many jams with ALL types of ammo. I did break in the auto with about 250 rounds, perhaps this is not enough. I don\'t honestly think any more shots through it will make much of a difference. I switched magazines, bought yet another Browning mag but the same thing happens. It jams on the first two shots, and sometimes the fourth or fifth. This doesn\'t happen every time, but often enough to be annoying. I know this isn\'t a self-defense weapon, so perfect reliability isn\'t critical, but I still like a gun that performs better than this one. I tried Winchester, Aquila, three different types of CCI, Remington (the worst) and Federal. It jams with all of them. I thought there may be a problem with the extractor, but that isn\'t it. My Ruger bull-barrel has never jammed with any type of ammo. There is a big difference between them...
J. R. Sunday 08 May, 2011
1 of 5 Stars!
First see my precious review dated 12/28/09. After having the Buckmark for one full year, I sold it to a dealer. I have had too many jams and misfires with this gun even while using premium ammo. Stick with Ruger or Sig Sauer for great performance. It's a surprize that Browning makes good high power rifles but suck with .22 calibers. Why, ???????..
R. A. Thursday 06 January, 2011
1 of 5 Stars!
This is an excellent .22 gun for inexpensive target shooting. It is well balanced and fits the hand perfectly. Never had a jam in 1.5 years shooting. It is high quality made and it shows it. Of all its features I only have one negative (and it's a major one). In order to properly clean the barrel per the manual that comes with the gun, you have to remove a set screw and fold the barrel downward like a double barrel shotgun. I couldn't get the set screw loose and called Browning. Browning said: "Don't take the set screw out or your sights will be out of alignment and you will have to re-set everything for shooting. USE a bore snake for cleaning the barrel". This stinks. First it's not the best way to clean a barrel and secondly why tell the customers in the manual to remove the set screw. This sounds like a design screw up. I will NEVER BUY another Browning hand gun. I suggest you look at other brands...
R. A. Monday 28 December, 2009
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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