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   357 Magnum 218
   Break Open 1
   Break Open Derringer 2
   Double 32
   Double/Single 97
   Lever 2
   Single 43
   Other 40
   2 3
   5 41
   6 130
   7 24
   8 12
   9 3
   Other 5
   2 " 53
   3 " 21
   4 " 28
   5 " 39
   6 " 50
   7 " 10
   8 " 10
   12 " 1
   13 " 1
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   Bond Arms 3
   Charter Arms 4
   Chiappa Firearms 17
   Colt Firearms 6
   Coonan 2
   CZ-USA Firearms 2
   EAA Firearms 4
   Henry Repeating Arms 1
   Heritage Firearms 2
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Bond Arms (3)
Charter Arms (4)
Chiappa Firearms (17)
Colt Firearms (6)
Coonan (2)
CZ-USA Firearms (2)
EAA Firearms (4)
Henry Repeating Arms (1)
Heritage Firearms (2)
Kimber (3)
Magnum Research (3)
Rossi Firearms (5)
Ruger Firearms (36)
Smith and Wesson (52)
Taurus Firearms (23)
Taylors (15)
Traditions (2)
Uberti Firearms (38)


357 Magnum Revolver, 357 Mag Revolver, 357 Magnum Handgun, 357 Magnum Revolver
Testimonials from our Customers
Ruger Blackhawk KBN36 Revolver 0319, 357 Magnum, 6 1/2 in, Rosewood Grip, Satin Stainless Finish, 6 rd
Quite a revolver for sure. This gun as been in the Ruger lineup for many years (1953?). My new stainless-steel version with a 6 1/2" barrel is the most accurate revolver I own and I own many. I did the quick, poor-man's trigger job. You take the grips off, and slip one of the two springs of its spindle. It cuts the trigger pull in half and doesn't harm the gun at all. I've had Rugers in this condition for 15 years without ill effect. I did some test shooting with Blazer 158 grain brass ammo. This is 23 bucks a box ammo, certainly not expensive. I didn't even have to adjust the sight. Right from the get go, I was shooting in the black at 25 yards. Amazing accuracy and groups of three inches with a two hand hold. From a rest at 50 feet I shrunk the groups in half. I then tried 38 special wadcutters but the accuracy wasn't as good. I then tried low velocity 357 cowboy ammo and the accuracy was about the same as the blazer. I need to do further testing with 38 special, but it's not unusual for 357s to have less accuracy than pure 38 revolvers. Recoil is no problem with heavy loads. With the 38 wadcutters it's like a cap gun. There are no rough edges anywhere and the charge holes in the cylinder are chamfered, which Smith & Wesson charges extra for. The grips are no longer solid rosewood but are a beautiful rosewood laminate. They are brighter, more durable and add to the overall appearance. I STRONGLY suggest anyone who wants a great single action revolver to buy this gun. With full power 180 grain Buffalo Bore loads, it will even provide excellent protection from black bear. - JOE

Uberti 1873 Cattleman Hombre Revolver U343900, .357 Magnum, 4 ¾", Walnut Grip, Matte Finish
It's a little rough around the edges, internals may need some filing here and there, and the finish seemed a bit odd right out of the box. However, it shoots well and doesn't miss a beat (even before any personal work). After several hundred rounds, it continues to put the bullets where I want when I want. I also took a bit of time to work on the brass elements as they were "oddly textured". The bluing "cured" a bit as well after some use and I am more accustomed to it now and happier with its apperance. Overall, it is a good gun and seems fairly tough. I've encountered no mechanical issues and all the working systems remain solid despite heavy use. You cannot beat the price for what you are getting. Yes it needed a little work to suit my personal tastes, but I would highly recommend and intend to get another just like it. - MICHAEL

Smith & Wesson 60 Revolver 162420, 357 Magnum, 2.13", Rubber Grip, Satin Stainless Finish, 5 Rd
If price is no object, then buy the Smith. My Model 60 is the most fired of my centerfire handguns, and still looks and feels like new. I generally use carefully reloaded ammunition that falls within SAAMI specs for standard 158 grain 38 Specials. I also use 110 grain medium velocity factory 357 ammo when I feel prosperous. With both loads I do quite well at 25 yards. The short barrel is no bar to accuracy. In spite of the excellent grips, a lot of people aren\'t going to like recoil and the muzzle blast. I say, learn to love them. This handgun is just about the ultimate in reliabity, portability, and small-package power. - J. U.

Ruger KGPF-331 Double Action Revolver 1715, 357 Magnum, 3 in Hvy BBL, Rubber Grip, Satin Stainless Finish, 6 Rd, Fixed Sights
Ruger Has made firearms for decades, consistently dependable, high quality and affordable. Pocket pistols are lifesavers, an accurate pocket pistol is neccessary for protection; two essential qualities in one firearm. The only adjustment to consider as with every firearm are the grips, help accuracy when fit to your hand. I Trust this pistol completely, and suggest study of a firearm to meet the shooter, for comfort and consistent shots. The best acronym is "it's not the gun, it's the shooter" 357 is an amasing caliber, you are able to load and fire 38 special at your disgression, or the 357 magnum. Overall rating, on a five star scale, 5 stars because of it's accuracy for a pocket pistol, and the fact that grips and accessories are at your fingertips thanks to Able's. Be safe, and prosper. - J. J.

Ruger KSP-331X Revolver 5719, 357 Magnum, 3 1/16 in, Rubber Grip, Satin Stainless Finish, 5 Rd, Fixed Sights
An absolutely great handgun. This revolver is everything I expected. Handles .357 ammo comfortably and exudes quality. I received this revolver in 1 week from the order date and immediately fired 50 test rounds of 115 grain JHPs at the shooting range that executed the transfer for me. Will fire many more rounds in next few days. This will probably become my main concealed carry weapon. - W. B.

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