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Cleaning Kits

Testimonials from our Customers
J Dewey AR Kit-36 Complete AR-15 Cleaning Kit w/36" Rod
Very pleased with this comprehensive cleaning kit. I have also purchased a similar kit for cleaning my .308 after seeing the Dewey quality product. -

Otis 1000 Elite Cleaning Kit
This kit is fantastic!I have been a sportsman all of my short life and I have never owned a nicer,easier to use,or more complete cleaning sytem than the elite.The price is even better on Abble than any were else.Thank you. - G. S.

Otis 750 Tactical Cleaning System
Product works as advertised. Cleaning from breech to barrel is possible for all kind of guns/rifles, as opposed to the straight rod cleaners. The one thing the buyer has to do is to buy additional patches and larger bore cleaner (2oz) from Otis or other vendors. I am not sure if it has a special 10 gauge bronze brush, the kit I have only has the 20 and 12 gauge brush enclosed in a vial. It is compact and other kits are available for cleaning all parts of gun/rifle components. - J. P.

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Kleen-Bore K215 32 Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit w/Steel Rod


  MPN: K215  UPC: 026249000106
Kleen-Bore K220 40/10MM Handgun Cleaning Kit w/Steel Rod


  MPN: K220  UPC: 026249002568
Kleen-Bore PK210 35/9MM Handgun Cleaning Kit w/Steel Rod


  MPN: PK210  UPC: 026249000113
Kleen-Bore POC220 .22 Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: POC220  UPC: 026249003084
Kleen-Bore POC222 38/357 Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: POC222  UPC: 026249003091
Kleen-Bore POC224 40/10MM Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: POC224  UPC: 026249003107
Kleen-Bore POC226 44/45 Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: POC226  UPC: 026249003114
Kleen-Bore POU302DCM 5.56 Digital Camo Universal Field Cleaning Kit


  MPN: POU302DCM  UPC: 026249003954
Kleen-Bore PS52 Police Special 44/45 Caliber Cleaning Kit


  MPN: PS52  UPC: 026249003213
Kleen-Bore PS53 5.56mm Police & Tactical Cleaning Kit


  MPN: PS53  UPC: 026249003862
Kleen-Bore PS54 7.62mm Police & Tactical Cleaning Kit


  MPN: PS54  UPC: 026249003879
Kleen-Bore PS55 Police Special 30-06 Caliber Cleaning Kit


  MPN: PS55  UPC: 026249003886
Kleen-Bore SAF300 Universal Cleaning Kit w/Safety Clad Rod


  MPN: SAF300  UPC: 026249002056
Kleen-Bore SHO216 12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit w/Aluminum Rod


  MPN: SHO216  UPC: 026249000212
Kleen-Bore SHO217 20 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit w/Aluminum Rod


  MPN: SHO217  UPC: 026249000229
Kleen-Bore TAC100 Universal Weapons Cleaning System


  MPN: TAC100  UPC: 026249003596
Kleen-Bore UK213 Universal Cleaning Kit w/Steel Rod


  MPN: UK213  UPC: 026249000199
Lyma Bore Guide Universal Set .17 -.416 Cal 04045


  MPN: 04045  UPC: 011516040459
MTM Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher (REP412)


  MPN: GCPC  UPC: 026057362007
Nikon 5 in 1 Optics Cleaning Kit (843)


  MPN: 843  UPC: 018208008438
Otis 100 .177/.22 Caliber Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG100  UPC: 014895001004
Otis 1000 Elite Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG1000  UPC: 014895010006
Otis 110 .177-.22 Caliber Rimfire Cleaning System


  MPN: FG110  UPC: 014895001103
Otis 200 .22/.30 Caliber Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG200  UPC: 014895002001
Otis 210 Universal Rifle Cleaning System


  MPN: FG210  UPC: 014895002100
Otis 211 Deluxe Rifle Cleaning System


  MPN: FG211  UPC: 014895002117
Otis 2242 5.56 Butt Stock Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG2242  UPC: 014895022429
Otis 244 Optics Lens Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG244  UPC: 014895002445
Otis 246 5.56mm B.O.N.E Tool


  MPN: FG246  UPC: 014895000267
Otis 400 10/410 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG400  UPC: 014895004005
Otis 410 Shotgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG410  UPC: 014895004104
Otis 600 9MM/45 Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG600  UPC: 014895006009
Otis 610 22-45 Handgun Cleaning System


  MPN: FG610  UPC: 014895006108
Otis 645 Pro Handgun Cleaning System


  MPN: FG645  UPC: 014895006450
Otis 750 Tactical Cleaning System


  MPN: FG750  UPC: 014895007501
Otis 750 Tactical Cleaning System


  MPN: FG750  UPC: 014895007501
Otis 752MO .17-12/10 Gauge Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG752MO  UPC: 014895752005
Otis 752RT .17-12/10 Gauge Cleaning Kit


  MPN: FG752RT  UPC: 014895075203
Otis 85211 Deluxe Law Enforcement Cleaning System


  MPN: FG85211  UPC: 014895852118
Otis RC325 .22/.223 caliber Ripcord Bore Cleaner


  MPN: FGRC325  UPC: 014895000564
Otis RC330 .30 caliber Ripcord Bore Cleaner


  MPN: FGRC330  UPC: 014895000571
Otis RC338 .38 caliber Ripcord Bore Cleaner


  MPN: FGRC338  UPC: 014895000588
Otis RC341 .40 caliber Ripcord Bore Cleaner


  MPN: FGRC341  UPC: 014895002216
Otis RC345 .45 caliber Ripcord Bore Cleaner


  MPN: FGRC345  UPC: 014895000595
Otis Technology Patch & Solvent Cleaning Kit FG919901


  MPN: FG919901  UPC: 014895919019
OTIS WingShooter Cleaning System (FG410UP)


  MPN: FG410UP  UPC: 014895410974
Displaying 151 to 200 (of 325 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>] 

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