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Sunday 22 October, 2017  
Corbon Self Defense Cartridges SD38110/20, 38 Special +P, Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), 110 GR, 1250 fps, 20 Rd/bx

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by J. W. Date Added: Saturday 05 June, 2010
My first exposure to Corbon ammuntion came when I was a patrol officer for a rural sheriffs office. Like many small departments in the South back then, the individual officer was responsible for the purchase of their own fire arm and ammunition that fit the departments policy guidelines. The revolver was still an approved firearm for duty carry at the time, and having just begun a carrier in police work it was the most affordable. Being restricted by departmental policy to using the 38 Special in either a 110 to 125 grain jacketed hollow point, I set out to find the best duty load I could get for my six-shooter. It wasn't long after this undertaking that I tested Corbon's 110 and later the 125 grain JHP's. In head to head test with other manufactures I found the Corbon to be the better performer for these bullet weights. The key to their performance rest in the bullet design and velocity. A .36 caliber round (be it 38Spl, 357, or 9mm) performs at its best when pushed to higher velocities. These higher velocities cause properly designed bullets in these calibers to expand dramatically. The Border Patrol performed extensive testing during the days when the revolver was their issued sidearm, and at one point issued the 110 grain 357 magnum round to its agents. Although Corbons offering in the 110 grain 38 Special is no magnum, the combination of good bullet design and higher velocities produce performance that is well within the same playing field. Expansion is typically excellent, recoil is a little snappy but easily controlled. Accurarcy was very good with sub 2 inch groups being common. These loads also produce more foot pounds of energy than their competitors in all the calibers I have tested. This increase in energy equates to better performance at the terminal end of the defensive equation. All in all, I have excellent experience with Corbon's 38 special loads over the course many years. As always the choice of what to load into your defensive sidearm is yours to make. I can only express that this is a high quality product that has been relied upon by many professionals that I have had the priviledge to work with over the years.

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