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   Youth Shotgun 5
   10 Gauge 1
   12 Gauge 15
   20 Gauge 14
   28 Gauge 1
   410 Gauge 3
   2.75 1
   3 30
   3.5 2
   Other 1
   18 " 1
   18.5 " 1
   20 " 2
   21 " 1
   22 " 5
   24 " 13
   26 " 6
   28 " 4
   32 " 1
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   Break Open 26
   Pump 7
   Semi Auto 1
   H&R 1871 INC 34
18 " (1)
18.5 " (1)
20 " (2)
21 " (1)
22 " (5)
24 " (13)
26 " (6)
28 " (4)
32 " (1)

H&R 1871 Shotguns

H&R 1871 Shotguns
Testimonials from our Customers
New England Pardner Pump Shotgun NP1206, 20 Gauge, 26 in VR, 3" Chmbr, Black Barrel, Mod Choke, Walnut Stock
i recently purchased this gun. I had a 20 o/u and it was much heavier. I found out that i needed to be shooting left handed or do an eye change because of a left eye dominancy problem. the other gun was much to heavy to hold left handed. this gun is perfect for that even tho the shells come out to the right, they come out so far in front of you, it doesnt cause a problem. i have to change the safety tho, as it clicks from the left. its very accurate and i love shooting it. the kick is very minimal and would be a great gun for a youth or a woman who might afraid of the recoil. i love this gun so much, i look foward to shooting it all the time. i purchased a turkey choke for it and at 45 yards it nails steel stilohettes, pefect for turkey! my husband just purchased a browning pump. for alot more money then this one, and told me, hes almost jealous of me. he enjoys it that much. i give this gun a 10 score on a 1-10 and highly recommend it!! - C. M.

New England Pardner Pump Shotgun NP1228, 12 Gauge, 28 in VR, 3" Chmbr, Mod Choke, Walnut Stock
I've had this gun for a year and a half. I've had it out busting clays when it was 90 degrees, and when it was wind chill of 0 degrees (literally). I've shot pheasant in the rain, used cheap ammo, as well as hand loaded ammo. Not one problem with it. None. The only reason I gave it a four rating was because the wood was soft, got dings in it very easily. Put on replacement synthetic stocks, problem solved (870 stocks fit). - J. Q.

New England Pardner Pump Shotgun NP1228, 12 Gauge, 28 in VR, 3" Chmbr, Mod Choke, Walnut Stock
I recieved this one with a 16 inch barrel, all black, ajustable choke, for Christmas. It shoots smooth. I have served 3 years in the military so I know a good weapon when I see one. It does have quite a bit recoil. Really the only thing I didn't like was afterwards when I was cleaning mine the charging handle jams back after the barrel is removed. - M. R.

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