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Hogue Combat Grips

Hogue Combat Grips
Testimonials from our Customers
Hogue 15000 Finger Groove Grip For M16/AR15
Perfect replacement for any AR platform with a small plastic grip. This grip fits like stock, but is a little wider and deeper to fit your hand better. The rubber is very grippy. Perfect for those who tend to have sweaty hands. - JAMES

Hogue 69000 Finger Grooved Grips For Smith & Wesson 6906/Shorty 40
I have owned a 6906 for 24 years and I have been using a Hogue slip-on finger grooved sleeve to improve the grip. I bought the Hogue 69000 and it works great! You need to check out the S&W Forum on how to remove the old grips and it is straight forward and follow the directions provided with the 69000 grips and they go on with very little effort...but read the instructions FIRST and do not try to guess how they should fit! - J. G.

Hogue 83170 Black Pearl Grips For Ruger BlackHawk/Vaquero/Single Six
Excellent service. I put these on a stainless steel Ruger Single Six. I was concerned they might look a bit chincy but am very happy with them. They look very classy and the silver sheen in the grips really complements the stainless on the pistol. They fit almost perfect out of the box. I say almost because they did need a very small amount of sanding on a couple edges for a perfect fit. The pearlite material sands easily. I used around a 1000 grip very fine jewlers paper and they now fit perfect. If you use a very, very fine paper you won't even have to polish afterwords since it's right at the seam where the grips meet the grip frame. I would hightly recommend these hogue grips as far as fit, appearance and quality. - W. H.

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Hogue 73000 Standard Grips For Taurus Tracker


  MPN: 73000  UPC: 743108730003
Hogue 75000 Finger Groove Grips For CZ75/Clones


  MPN: 75000  UPC: 743108750001
Hogue 80000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger GP100


  MPN: 80000  UPC: 743108800003
Hogue 80300 Pau Ferro Wood Grips For Ruger GP100


  MPN: 80300  UPC: 743108803004
Hogue 80800 Coco Bolo Wood Grips For Ruger GP100


  MPN: 80800  UPC: 743108808009
Hogue 81000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger SP101


  MPN: 81000  UPC: 743108810002
Hogue 82000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger MKII


  MPN: 82000  UPC: 743108820001
Hogue 83000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger Blackhawk


  MPN: 83000  UPC: 743108830000
Hogue 85000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger P85/90/91


  MPN: 85000  UPC: 743108850008
Hogue 86000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger RedHawk


  MPN: 86000  UPC: 743108860007
Hogue 87000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger Security/Serivice 6


  MPN: 87000  UPC: 743108870006
Hogue 88000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger Speed 6


  MPN: 88000  UPC: 743108880005
Hogue 89170 Black Pearl Polymer Grips For Ruger Bisley


  MPN: 89170  UPC: 743108891704
Hogue 92000 Finger Groove Grips For Beretta 92F/96


  MPN: 92000  UPC: 743108920008
Hogue 92010 Standard Grips For Beretta 92S/F


  MPN: 92010  UPC: 743108920107
Hogue 93010 Standard Grips For Beretta 92 Compact


  MPN: 93010  UPC: 743108930106
Hogue 94000 Finger Groove Grips For Ruger P93/94


  MPN: 94000  UPC: 743108940006
Hogue 99010 Standard Grips For Taurus 92/99


  MPN: 99010  UPC: 743108990100
Hogue AK-47 Black Rubber Grips (74000)


  MPN: 74000  UPC: 743108740002
Hogue AK-47 Black Rubber Grips w/Storage (74010)


  MPN: 74010  UPC: 743108740101
Hogue AK-47 Rubber Grip, Zombie Green (74005)


  MPN: 74005  UPC: 743108740057
Hogue Aluminum Black Grip Panel For Beretta 92/96, 92160


  MPN: 92160  UPC: 743108921609
Hogue AR-15 Rubber Grip w/Storage Kit Matte OD Green (15011)


  MPN: 15011  UPC: 743108150115
Hogue Hand-All Rubber Sleeve 17000 Large Grip


  MPN: 17000  UPC: 743108170007
Hogue Handall Stick Kit, 17010


  MPN: 17010  UPC: 743108170106
Hogue HandAll Tactical Grip Sleeve (17210)


  MPN: 17210  UPC: 743108172100
Displaying 51 to 100 (of 175 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 

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