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Knight & Hale

Knight & Hale
Large selection of Knight and Hale game calls and hunting products for sale. Knight and Hale works hard to infuse innovation and the American dream into their products, creating the most natural sounding game calls ever produced. Whether you are hunting
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Knight & Hale Aluminum Pot Call Long Spur (KHT1004)


  MPN: KHT1004  UPC: 049443945769
Knight & Hale Bocote Magic Exotic Wood Striker KH1920


  MPN: KH1920  UPC: 049443943079
Knight & Hale Chalk for box Calls KH140


  MPN: KH140  UPC: 049443140003
Knight & Hale Diaphragm Beginner Two Pack (KH050C)


  MPN: KH050C  UPC: 049443945868
Knight & Hale Double Cluck Plus Goose Call KH215


  MPN: KH215  UPC: 049443215008
Knight & Hale Double Drop Spring Loaded Lanyard KH702


  MPN: KH702  UPC: 049443702003
Knight & Hale EZ Gravity Bleat Deer Call KH1033


  MPN: KH1033  UPC: 049443939911
Knight & Hale EZ Howler Coyote Call (KH927A)


  MPN: KH927A  UPC: 049443943628
Knight & Hale Friction Turkey Super Striker KH171


  MPN: KH171  UPC: 049443937153
Knight & Hale Ghost Hen Bad Medicine Diaphragm (KHT3005C)


  MPN: KHT3005C  UPC: 049443946063
Knight & Hale Glass Hammer Call KH1526


  MPN: KH1526  UPC: 049443942997
Knight & Hale Glass Pot Call Long Spur (KHT1002)


  MPN: KHT1002  UPC: 049443944878
Knight & Hale Grunt Call Da Bone (KHD1008)


  MPN: KHD1008  UPC: 049443946216
Knight & Hale Hands Free Soft Grunter Deer Call KH1032


  MPN: KH1032  UPC: 049443939706
Knight & Hale Hog Grunter KH1205


  MPN: KH1205  UPC: 049443943161
Knight & Hale Illusion Gel Acorn Scent 2 oz KH1424


  MPN: KH1424  UPC: 049443937283
Knight & Hale Illusion Gel Ceder Scent 2 oz KH1425


  MPN: KH1425  UPC: 049443937290
Knight & Hale Knight Striker Powertip (KHT1005)


  MPN: KHT1005  UPC: 049443945776
Knight & Hale Magnum Camo Crow Call (KH404A)


  MPN: KH404A  UPC: 049443943383
Knight & Hale Ol Reliable Bad Medicine Diaphragm (KHT3004C)


  MPN: KHT3004C  UPC: 049443946056
Knight & Hale Peacemaker 3 Diaphragm 6-Pack (KH1642C)


  MPN: KH1642C  UPC: 049443945912
Knight & Hale Pileated Woodpecker Locator Turkey Call KH149A


  MPN: KH149A  UPC: 049443943017
Knight & Hale Pit Magic Turned Clucker Goose Call KH232


  MPN: KH232  UPC: 049443939638
Knight & Hale Preacher 3 Diaphragm 6-Pack (KH1644C)


  MPN: KH1644C  UPC: 049443945929
Knight & Hale Prosecutor 2.5 Daphragm 6-Pack (KH1646C)


  MPN: KH1646C  UPC: 049443945936
Knight & Hale Rattling System Pack Rack (KHD1007)


  MPN: KHD1007  UPC: 049443946209
Knight & Hale Screamin Hen II Diaphragm Turkey Call KH145


  MPN: KH145  UPC: 049443145008
Knight & Hale Shock Gobble Owl Call w/Hoot Enhancer KH117


  MPN: KH117  UPC: 049443943390
Knight & Hale Single Drop Spring Loaded Lanyard KH701


  MPN: KH701  UPC: 049443701006
Knight & Hale Slate Hammer Call KH1525


  MPN: KH1525  UPC: 049443942980
Knight & Hale Slate Pot Call Long Spur (KHT1001)


  MPN: KHT1001  UPC: 049443944861
Knight & Hale Small Rattle Bag Deer Call KH1009


  MPN: KH1009  UPC: 049443943352
Knight & Hale Snort Wheezer Deer Call KH1055


  MPN: KH1055  UPC: 049443943154
Knight & Hale Spittin Image 3-Pack (KH014C)


  MPN: KH014C  UPC: 049443945851
Knight & Hale Squirrel Call w/Tape KH601


  MPN: KH601  UPC: 049443601009
Knight & Hale Sweeper 3 Diaphragm 6-Pack (KH1652C)


  MPN: KH1652C  UPC: 049443945950
Knight & Hale Sweet V Bad Medicine Diaphragm (KHT3006C)


  MPN: KHT3006C  UPC: 049443946070
Knight & Hale Terminator 3 Diaphragm 6-Pack (KH1654C)


  MPN: KH1654C  UPC: 049443945967
Knight & Hale Triple Drop Spring Loaded Lanyard KH703


  MPN: KH703  UPC: 049443703000
Knight & Hale Ultimate Push/Pull Yelper Turkey Box Call KH150


  MPN: KH150  UPC: 049443150002
Knight & Hale Wood Duck Call KH309


  MPN: KH309  UPC: 049443309004
Displaying 1 to 50 (of 53 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 

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