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Long Gun Cases

Testimonials from our Customers
Allen 108020 19x14x8 All Weather Black Gun Case
I have always been a fan of heavy built aluminum or metal gun cases for travel. This is my first plastic case and I got it to house my HK and Freedom Arms pistols for air travel. I would not scrimp on a case for these guns. This case is well built. The foam is scored so it can be pulled apart so that a gun can be fitted into a pocket for greater protection. There are two latches on the front (opposite the hinge) and a latch on each side. It seals up nice. If you don't plan to create a pocket for your guns, you will want to put some extra foam around the firearm so it doesn't slide down with the throwing around it will get in baggage, but that's any case. This is a very nice case for the money. As good or better than the other brands of heavy duty plastic cases available. - BRET

Plano Double Rifle/Shotgun Case 150201, 51.5 in
I picked up one of these in Arizona to transport two rifles back home via commercial airline. After obtaining three TSA \"approved\" combination locks, it was a simple process. I\'d recommend the case, it did the job for me and at a reasonable cost. - D. R.

Browning Traditional Fitted Luggage Gun Case - Single Barrel Trap - Black/Tan
Dose not have 3 latches as shown in the picture, but is a very nice case that wil fit any barrel length 0/u. I have 3 Browning fitted cases. Two are over 20 yrs old ,and look like new. - R. C.

Americase 3008 Premium Custom Compact SxS or O/U Case, Fore-Arm On, 32-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 3-1/2"
Americase makes the most awesome cases. This case is nearly bullet-proof and fits my three different side-by-sides. This is the highest quality production case I have come accross in 30 years of shooting. I recommend this case head and shoulders above any other case on the market. - R. R.

Plano Single Pillared Gun Case 151101
For $27, it's a great case. Well molded, feels sturdy. - J. A.

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Outdoor Connection Tactical Case CSPROMO46-9950, 46 in, Black


  MPN: CSPROMO46-9950  UPC: 051057995030
Allen 38 in M&P Tactical Rifle Case (MP4230)


  MPN: MP4230  UPC: 026509042303
Allen 42 in M&P Tactical Rifle Case (MP4231)


  MPN: MP4231  UPC: 026509042310
Allen 46 in Brown Embroidered Deer Rifle Case 78346


  MPN: 78346  UPC: 026509783466
Allen 46 in Canyon Padded Rifle Case w/Pocket 84946


  MPN: 84946  UPC: 026509849469
Allen 46 in Remington Heavy Foam Yukon Case 18991


  MPN: 18991  UPC: 026509189916
Allen 50 in Green/Tan Euro Oversized Foam Case 91550


  MPN: 91550  UPC: 026509915508
Allen 52 in Canyon Padded Shotgun Case w/Pocket 84852


  MPN: 84852  UPC: 026509848523
Allen 52 in Flottops Shotgun Case (92252)


  MPN: 92252  UPC: 026509922520
Allen 52 in Green Mallard Shotgun Case w/Pocket 78452


  MPN: 78452  UPC: 026509784524
Allen 72346 46 in Suede Rifle Case w/Suede Whitetail Panel


  MPN: 72346  UPC: 026509723462
Allen 77452 52" Hunter Green Shotgun Case


  MPN: 77452  UPC: 026509774525
Allen 77548 48" Hunter Green Sante Fe Rifle Case


  MPN: 77548  UPC: 026509775485
Allen 82452 52" Back Gountry Gray/Black Shotgun Case


  MPN: 82452  UPC: 026509824527
Allen 82548 48" Gray/Black Back Country Rifle Case


  MPN: 82548  UPC: 026509825487
Allen 96052 52 in Quilted Shotgun Case w/Leather Trim


  MPN: 96052  UPC: 026509960522
Allen 96146 46 in Rifle Case w/Leather Trim


  MPN: 96146  UPC: 026509961468
Allen Advantage Camo/Black Scoped Rifle Case 50546, 46 in


  MPN: 50546  UPC: 026509505464
Allen Advantage Camo/Black Shotgun Case 50452, 52 in


  MPN: 50452  UPC: 026509504528
Allen Black Rifle Case w/Four Pockets 1063, 32 in


  MPN: 1063  UPC: 026509010630
Allen Black/Mossy Oak Break-Up Rifle Case 81348, 48 in


  MPN: 81348  UPC: 026509813484
Allen Gray Montana Indian Blanket Shotgun Case 26452, 52 in


  MPN: 26452  UPC: 026509264521
Allen Green Rifle Case w/Remington Logo 18611, 46 in


  MPN: 18611  UPC: 026509186113
Allen Green Scope Rifle Case 35746, 46 in


  MPN: 35746  UPC: 026509357469
Allen Green Shotgun Case 35648, 48 in


  MPN: 35648  UPC: 026509356486
Allen Green Shotgun Case 35652, 52 in


  MPN: 35652  UPC: 026509356523
Allen Green Shotgun Case w/Remington Logo 18610, 52 in


  MPN: 18610  UPC: 026509186106
Allen Reaper 42 in Tactical Rifle Case (1061)


  MPN: 1061  UPC: 026509010616
Allen Ruger Phoenix Rifle Case 75548, 48 in


  MPN: 75548  UPC: 026509755487
Displaying 201 to 250 (of 400 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  [Next >>] 

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