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Powder Measures/Funnels

Testimonials from our Customers
Lee Precision 90058 Standard Powder Measure
The Lee Powder Measure is great. It measures as acturately as a Lyman measure I borrowed, but the Lee is so much easier to set. It will measure Varget to +/- 0.2gr. (Not bad for a stick powder). The graduations allow you to dial in the powder drop. Just set it as 5cc\'s or so and measure the charge. Then divide 5cc by the weight and you will get a cc/gr for that powder. When you go to reload, just multiply your cc/gr by the charge you want and you will get the cc\'s you need to set the measure at. As always, check it with your scale, but you should be very close. - D. S.

Lee Precision 90377 Pro Disk Powder Measure Update Kit
I am currently using this update kit on one of my turret disk die set-ups, and it is a big improvement over the standard hopper. The standard uses sheet metal screws in the plastic bosses of the hopper, a few disk changes and it's stripping out. This uses thumb screws on studs. The adjustable powder measure is an improvement too, but the supplied VMD chart is not very helpful as the increments on mine as checked with an RCBS chargemaster scale is way off. Just throw some charges, weigh and adjust until you get it right. It throws very consistantly, the trick is to not go too fast and use a pencil to graphite up the pot metal chute, this will prevent the powder from sticking. I just ordered two more for other die sets. (I don't like to fiddle with the charge bar, once set). Oh yeah, you will need to order the Lee auto-disk riser if you are using a turret press with a Lee safety prime system. It needs to go higher to clear it. - W. A.

Lee Precision 90058 Standard Powder Measure
My only measure besides the lee dipper set. Works great, don't let the stand put you off. It works fine. My friends that have the higher priced measures were impressed with it, and even more so, when they found out how little it cost. - W. W.

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RCBS 86040 Little Dandy Pistol Powder Measure


  MPN: 86040  UPC: 076683860408
RCBS 86046 Little Dandy Rotary Knob


  MPN: 86046  UPC: 076683860460
RCBS 87590 Powder Checker


  MPN: 87590  UPC: 076683875907
RCBS 9010 Uniflow Powder Measure


  MPN: 9010  UPC: 076683090102
RCBS 90225 Uniflow Powder Measure Powder Baffle


  MPN: 90225  UPC: 076683902252
RCBS 9035 Powder Measure / Piggyback Stand


  MPN: 9035  UPC: 076683090355
RCBS 9086 17 Caliber Powder Funnel


  MPN: 9086  UPC: 076683090867
RCBS 9087 .22-.45 Caliber Powder Funnel


  MPN: 9087  UPC: 076683090874
RCBS 98840 Quick Change Powder Measure


  MPN: 98840  UPC: 076683988409
RCBS 98841 High Capacity Quick Change Powder Measure


  MPN: 98841  UPC: 076683988416
RCBS 98843 Quick Change Small Meter Screw


  MPN: 98843  UPC: 076683988430
RCBS 98844 Quick Change Large Meter Screw


  MPN: 98844  UPC: 076683988447
RCBS 98845 Quick Change Cylinder


  MPN: 98845  UPC: 076683988454
RCBS 98846 Quick Change Universal Drain Attachment


  MPN: 98846  UPC: 076683988461
RCBS 98908 Pistol & Rifle Competition Powder Measure


  MPN: 98908  UPC: 076683989086
RCBS Measure Stand 1 Standard 7/8 in x 14 Threads (9092)


  MPN: 9092  UPC: 076683090928
Redding Model 3 Powder Measure Universal Chamber (03000)


  MPN: 03000  UPC: 611760030000
Displaying 51 to 73 (of 73 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2 

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