RCBS 98881 6.5MM Caliber Pilot / Neck Reamer
MPN:  98881 UPC:   076683988812

RCBS 98881 6.5MM Caliber Pilot / Neck Reamer

RCBS Case Neck Turner/Pilot/Neck Reamers

RCBS 6.5MM Caliber Pilot/Neck Reamer

Two tools for fast, easy removal of excessive neck thickness, or variation in case thickness. It guides the cutter over the sized cartridge case neck and is supported by the pilot reamer. The auto feed attachment (for case trimmer 2 and trim pro) advances the cutting tool over the case neck with each turn of the trimmer handle. *Not to be used with trim pro power case trimmer.

Mfg Item Num: 98881
Type :Pilot/Neck Reamers
Caliber :6.5mm Caliber
Size :N/A
Quantity :Each
Weight :N/A

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