Barnes .311 Caliber 150 Grain Triple Shock Flat Base (31115), Not Loaded
MPN:  31115 UPC:   716876311156

Barnes .311 Caliber 150 Grain Triple Shock Flat Base (31115), Not Loaded

BARNES BULLETS INC Triple-Shock X-Bullets

Barnes .311 Cal 150 Grain Triple Shock Flat Base

Barnes' Triple-Shock X Bullet features include all-copper construction, no fragmentation, 28% deeper penetration than lead core bullets, and maximum weight retention. An exclusive feature of the Triple-Shock X Bullet is multiple, precisely engineered rings cut into the bullet shank. These grooved rings act as relief valve as bullet metal flows under pressure while traveling down the bore. Instead of flowing from the front to the base of the bullet, the copper material expands into the grooves. This results in reduced pressures and less copper fouling. Reduced pressures mean the bullet can be safely loaded to higher velocities. The rings also alter barrel harmonics, which can result in improved accuracy.

Mfg Item Num: 31115
Bullet Type :TSX FB
Caliber :.311
Weight :150 gr
Quantity :50 Per Box
Bullet Material :
Bullet Coating :
Bullet Tip Material :
Cannelure :
Metal Type :
Core Type :

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