Tetra 004B1 Gun Grease 1 oz
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Tetra 004B1 Gun Grease 1 oz


Gun Cleaning Products

Tetra Gun Lubricant

Tetra Gun products have been developed to enhance the life, appearance and performance of fine firearms, sporting classics, knives and collectibles. A surface treated with Tetra is also resistant to rust and rot as Tetra particles provide an effective barrier to the elements. One drop of Tetra Gun contains millions of microscopic lubricant particles which fill and electrostatically bond to the pores found in the metal firearm surfaces, thereby reducing fouling, increasing accuracy, and increasing ammunition velocity.

Protect Metal-to-Metal surfaces with this heavy duty Fluoropolymer Grease. Excellent for use on rifle bolts, sears, locking lugs and semi-auto slide/rails. Apply light coating to metal surface. Buff dry for a debris-repelling, glass-smooth surface.

  • Widest operating temperature range -100°F to 750°F
  • Bonds to metals; smoothes and protects
  • Reduces friction
  • Quick to apply, easy to use
  • Low Odor
  • Doesn't attract fouling
  • Won't migrate

    Mfg Item Num: 004B1
    Type :Firearm Grease
    Size :1 oz
    Quantity :Each

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