Lee 90755 Steel 3 Die Set w/Shellholder For 30 Mauser
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Lee 90755 Steel 3 Die Set w/Shellholder For 30 Mauser


Steel 3-Die Sets

Steel 3 Die Set w/Shellholder For 30 Mauser

Lee steel dies are contour ground to provide step-less sizing. After sizing a case, except for the burnish, you cannot tell where the sizer stopped. Other brands leave a pronounced step where the die stops. With a steel sizer die, case lubrication is required.
No need for a taper crimp die, plus better accuracy with Lee Dies. Taper crimp dies are used to correct the problems caused by the improper expanding plug design or adjustment. They distort the bullet shank and reduce accuracy. Because the Lee Expander flares the minimum amount, consistent with easy bullet insertion, all of the flare is removed with the bullet seating die, thus eliminating the need for a taper crimp die.
Each die has an enlarged mouth to dependably align even range damaged cases. They are built to last for the large volume reloader.

Set includes:

  • Powder Through Expanding Die
  • Bullet Seat & Feed Die
  • Steel Sizing Die
  • Shellholder
  • Powder measure and charge table

    Mfg Item Num: 90755
    Category: RELOADING DIES
    Type :Steel 3 Die Set
    Caliber :30 Mauser

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