Haydels Nontypical Inhale Grunt Deer Call NT02
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Haydels Nontypical Inhale Grunt Deer Call NT02


Haydels Inhale Grunt Deer Call

DB-85 Simulates the bleat sound of an adult doe. Effective on bucks during rut. DG-87 In 1986, Haydel's introduced the first tube type grunt call. Results were awesome, producing records Copied by many duplicated by none according to leading authorities. FB-90 Produces the bleat of a fawn as well as the distress by exhaling and inhaling. One side is high pitched, the other is low. VDG-92 Covering the hole on the barrel with your index finger emits a low pitch, while leaving it open creates a high pitch, to create grunts of more than one deer. NT-02 This inhale grunt is even more realistic than the original. It's completely rubberized so you will have no fear of dropping it while drawing and making noises. Lanyard included.

Mfg Item Num: NT02
Category: GAME CALLS
Type :Deer call
Species :Whitetail
Material :Rubber

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