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Wednesday 24 May, 2017  

Remington 597 22 Long Rifle 30 Round Clear Magazine (19667)

Remington 597 22 Long Rifle 30 Round Clear Magazine (19667)
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  $14.99  $22.99   Save: $8.00

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5 of 5 Stars!
*This is a continuation of my initial tests/review from back in March 2009. I finally found a chance to take my 30-round 'tan' mag back out to the range for a full test session. (see my previous post...) I loaded it up with some more of the Federal 'Value Pack' copper-coated hollow points I had luck with on my previous outing. These are high-velocity 36 grain bullets rated at around 1260 FPS. I shot over 100 rounds of the stuff through my mag (in 25-round loads, as per my other tests). Result: NOT ONE SINGLE JAM! I was VERY pleased with the performance of the ammo/mag combo. Based upon my findings both previously and during this second day at the range, I can wholly recommend these 30-round magazines to anyone who is interested. Just be sure to use ammunition with NO waxy coating as it will foul the follower/spring. And to avoid feed malfunctions, load a maximum of 25 rounds. This will help extend the life span of your springs too... Happy shooting!..
J. G. Tuesday 09 June, 2009
5 of 5 Stars!
Finally, here is my full review of the 30-round clear mags I recieved back in February. I used 2 different kinds of .22LR test ammo w/ my mags: Winchester Xpert22 hollow points, and Federal copper-plated hollow points. Both were 36 grain loads. I first sighted in my Remmy 597 using the standard 10-shot clip and some Federal Lightning 40 grain solid nose rounds. After 5-6 shots I was ready to begin testing. I placed rubber bands around the base of the mags to differentiate them during testing, so they will be called 'red' and 'tan' I read elsewhere on the net that loading these to the full 30 round capacity can cause spring malfunctions, so I loaded a max of 25 rounds each to minimize problems. Starting w/ 'red' and a load of Xpert22, I began shooting clay targets at about 40 Yards. Shot 4 rounds and had a jam, then continued shooting another 16 and had another jam. Pulled the mag w/o finishing it and inserted 'tan'. Fired through 6 rounds and had another jam, About every 2-3 rounds after it would jam and require a manual clear of the breech. These mags definately DID NOT like the lead-tipped Win Xpert22 ammo! I reloaded 'red' w/ the Federal copper-plated HP's and took a break to shoot some of the other guns my friend's buddies brought along. (I couldn't pass up the chance to shoot a Mac-10, among others!) After we had passed the guns around awhile and shot a variety of steel, I resumed my tests using 'red' and the Fed coppers. It worked flawlessly! All 25 rounds fired and flew true to the clays. Needless to say, I was pleased with the copper-plated ammunition and its performance. Unfortunately, I ran short on time and didn't get to finish my tests. By this time, everybody was hungry and tired and my ride was leaving soon. Not wanting to be left stranded in the high desert I was forced to pack it in without getting to load/shoot the Fed coppers in 'tan'. However, based on the results from 'red' and the copper-plated Federals, I can say with 99% certainty that I would've had a similar result. The waxy Win Xpert22 is not good in these 30-rounders, but the cleaner Federal copper ammo is a perfect match! I plan to buy a couple more boxes of those... Although I was unable to finish completely testing both mags, I am very pleased with them overall. If you use good, clean ammunition and stay away from waxy, dirty (i.e. excessively cheap) ammo you can shoot these without problems! For their low price, there's no reason you shouldn't get one of these clear 30-round Remmy mags to play with.....
J. G. Sunday 08 March, 2009
4 of 5 Stars!
Ordered my Mags on the 29th of January, and received my order on the 3rd of February; so my package arrived very quickly. Ordered 2 of the clear 30-round mags. Everything was in order and I paid exactly what the cart's total said it would be. Test-fitted the mags to my Remmie 597 and the fit was good; basically just like the standard 10-round ones. Have not had a chance to go test fire these yet, but I don't expect any problems. Construction seems solid and the Remington logo on the side is reassuring... Will post my full review as soon as I am able!..
J. G. Wednesday 04 February, 2009
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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