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   PISTOLS 611
   10mm 7
   22 Long Rifle 35
   223 Remington-5.56 NATO 11
   300 AAC Blackout-Whisper 7.62X35mm 8
   357 Magnum 1
   357 Sig Sauer 31
   380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 65
   40 Smith & Wesson 98
   45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 134
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   Bolt 2
   Double 109
   Double/Single 278
   SAO 2
   Semi-Auto 27
   Single 184
   Other 7
   1 2
   6 72
   7 48
   8 131
   9 11
   10 146
   11 1
   12 49
   13 17
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   3 " 102
   4 " 364
   5 " 115
   6 " 1
   8 " 5
   9 " 8
   10 " 10
   11 " 1
   12 " 2
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   Sigarms 611
10mm (7)
22 Long Rifle (35)
223 Remington-5.56 NATO (11)
300 AAC Blackout-Whisper 7.62X35mm (8)
357 Magnum (1)
357 Sig Sauer (31)
380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (65)
40 Smith & Wesson (98)
45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (134)
7.62mmX39mm (2)
7.62mmx51mm (1)
9mm (214)
9mm Luger (4)

1 (2)
6 (72)
7 (48)
8 (131)
9 (11)
10 (146)
11 (1)
12 (49)
13 (17)
14 (13)
15 (72)
17 (9)
19 (4)
20 (4)
21 (3)
25 (1)
30 (26)
Other (2)

3 " (102)
4 " (364)
5 " (115)
6 " (1)
8 " (5)
9 " (8)
10 " (10)
11 " (1)
12 " (2)
13 " (1)
Other (2)

Sig Handguns

Sig Handguns
Testimonials from our Customers
Sig P220 Emperor Scorpion Pistol 220R510ESCPN, 10mm, 5 in, Black G10 Grip, Dark Earth PVD Finish, Night Sights, 8 Rd
It was my first firearm purchase from Able Ammo. They made it so smooth. I couldn't believe it. I strongly recommend buying guns from these people. - GARY

Sig P938 Pistol 938-9-TSS-BRG-AMBI, 9mm, 3 in, Black Rubber Grip, Two-Tone Finish, Siglite Sights, 7 Rd
This pistol is awesome. Very accurate and reliable. You can't beat this package either that comes with the hogue grip and extended magazine. Thanks Able's!!! - JAMES

Sig P227 Pistol 227R45BSS, 45 ACP, 4.4 in, Black Polymer Grips, Nitron Finish, 10 Rd, Night Sights
This is a follow-up to my earlier February review. I had the special action job done by Sig. It cost $179.00. Man, was it worth it. The double-action pull was lightened to 8 lbs., and the single action to 3 lbs. All trigger surfaces were polished and honed. The feed ramp was also polished. At the same time I also had the short-reset trigger option installed. The travel is 60% less. What this means is you have much faster follow up shots. The single-action pull on my Sig P 227 is now better than that on my Kimber Match. Go figure. I would never have thought it possible. Here's another thing I learned. If you're used to a six-o-clock hold on the target, that is with the front and rear sights just under the bulls eye, you will need to switch out the Sig rear sight from a #8 to a #10. Sigs are designed for combat shooting where the front sight covers the bulls eye. I like to have complete visibility and have nothing obscured. Heck of a gun. - JOE

Sig P227 Pistol 227R45BSS, 45 ACP, 4.4 in, Black Polymer Grips, Nitron Finish, 10 Rd, Night Sights
Okay, the straight skinny. This is the best semi-automatic pistol I've ever shot, and I've shot close to a hundred. Sig/Sauer did it right. The grip is perfect for all people except those with extremely small hands. The first double-action trigger pull is around 10 lbs. which is stout. Believe me, if you are ever in a situation where you need your weapon for survival, that will present no problem. I like the fact that there are no internal locks (just a padlock). I also like it that there are no warnings on the barrel. You know like on Ruger. "Do not stick barrel of gun up your nose with your finger on the trigger while whistling Dixie. Read page 6 of the manual available from Sturm Ruger. blah blah." The night sights are incredible. They stay completely bright all night long. It is as accurate at 25 yards as my Kimber Target II even though the barrel is shorter. They list the barrel at 4.4 inches. That is not correct because that includes the part that extends at the top. The actual length of the barrel is 2.2 inches. Doesn't matter, it points and shoots 1 and 1/2" groups with Federal 230 grain hardball. In spite of it's light weight, 32 ozs with mag, the recoil is not a problem. You will hear people speak of a high bore axis for Sigs, but ignore that criticism. The wide grip on the P 227 helps in this regard. My pistol has no creep in single action mode and broke as advertised, about 4 and a half pounds. The limited space here means I can't provide a complete review. Let's just say BUY IT!!!!! - JOE

Sig P229 Pistol E299SAS2B, 9mm, 3.9 in, Polymer Grip, Black Finish, Night Sights, 13 Rd
The most important feature of any defensive weapon is reliability and he Sig P229 is definitely that. I\'ve fired thousands of rounds through mine and from the cheapest off brand junk to RBCDs, it has never failed to function flawlessly. It\'s consistent and well balanced. The trigger pull is smooth in DA and just right in SA. Night sights are excellent. Decocking lever is well placed and doesn\'t interfere with holstering. I like the 9mm version because with the proper ammunition it has stopping power yet doesn\'t recoil so much that your aim leaves the target allowing subsequent shots to leave the barrel quickly and accurately. It does have some disadvantages as a concealed carry gun though in that it is a bit heavy especially when fully loaded. Consider buying Hogue grips for it to improve accuracy and comfort. - D. S.

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Sig P938 Pistol 938-9-TSS-BRG-AMBI, 9mm, 3 in, Black Rubber Grip, Two-Tone Finish, Siglite Sights, 7 Rd

$699.99 $589.99 (Save: $110.00)
  MPN: 9389TSSBRGAMBI   UPC: 798681539208
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