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Secure Logic Wall Vault

  • Fingerprint Sensor or Keypad Entry
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Immediate Access
  • Wall Mounted
  • Department of Justice Approved

Watch the informational demonstration video:

A Product Unlike Any Other

SecureLogic realized the need for a handgun security device after a close family member of Ray Engel was burglarized and had his gun stolen, while his wife and children slept! Shaken, the victim realized the danger that he and his family had been in. The man vowed that he would find the best way to keep his firearms and family safe, and Engel made it his mission to develop the best.  Many factors go into creating the most secure wall vault in the world, but SecureLogic prides themselves on innovation. The Wall Vault was in development for over two years before it met their standards of excellence. Each one is extensively tested for quality and craftsmanship. Reinforced stainless steel, a revolutionary locking mechanism, and lag-bolted installation make it the most innovative product of its kind on the market today.  If you own a gun, consider the personal liability - you may be held liable for how your gun is used, even if you are not the one using it. It's time to take action and SecureLogic is giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Wall Vault Specifications
  • Battery: 12V 4.0 amp rechargeable
  • Battery Charger: 12V AC
  • Height: 15.5" Closed - 23.25" Open
  • Width: 16.25"
  • Depth: 4.5"
  • Compartment Dimensions: Height - 8.5" Width: 13.25"
  • Weight: 25 lbs
Fingerprint Biometric Technology
biometric SecureLogic is proud to introduce the Biometric Wall Vault, the fruits of over two years of extensive labor, research, and design. Simply place your finger on the programmable fingerprint scanner and the vault opens instantly!
Wall Vault Storage
Somehow, the SecureLogic® Wall Vault manages to make your home or office a little bit bigger. Want to know how? By getting rid of cumbersome storage units, you actually save space! By making use of the available storage room in your walls, you avoid tripping over existing units and eliminate clutter. What a great idea!  The Wall Vault will hold anything you can imagine, from jewelry to passports, medicine to handguns, and everything in between! It even has a secret compartment to hold additional items. And, because it fits securely in any wall of your home or office, it isn't an eyesore. You can even cover it up
Wall Vault Access
Valuables and firearms are protected and safe, only accessible to you and those you choose to program in. When you need to access its contents, simply place your finger on the sensor pad, and voila - the door drops silently and your valuables are instantly accessible!  Never before has something so secure been so easy to access with just the touch of a finger, and nearly impossible to penetrate without!

Secure Logic Wall Vault

Secure Logic Wall Vault
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