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Thursday 23 November, 2017  
Smith & Wesson 22A Rimfire Pistol 107430, 22 LR, 7", 2 Piece Soft Touch Target Grip, Black Alloy/Stainless Steel Finish, 10 Rd, Adj Sights

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by A. A. Date Added: Thursday 21 October, 2010
I\'ve had this pistol for a little over 6 months, and put well over 1500 rounds through it. So far I have been very pleased with my purchase. There are a few things that could be improved upon, but overall it\'s an excellent pistol and well worth its value. Were it not for these minor things I would give it 5 stars.

First the bad: let\'s face it, this pistol isn\'t the prettiest piece out there. While that may have little to do with your purchasing decision, it\'s definitely a factor which many people consider. The magazine release is in a funky location - on the front of the grip. Although it is ambidextrous, you must use your ring finger to engage it. It\'s also a bit heavy (not surprisingly given the 7\" barrel). Some extra slots could be machined out in the sight rail, but you can live with it as is. Given the price of the pistol, I\'m willing to forgive these minor problems.

Now the good: this is the most accurate (out of the box) and reliable .22LR semi-automatic pistol I have ever fired. I have put over 1500 rounds through this pistol and NEVER had a jam - the only fail-to-fires were due to poor ammo. This pistol eats all kinds of ammo - some people report having problems with hollowpoints catching in the magazine; I have never had this issue. This pistol is a breeze to clean and field strip. Fewer moving parts results in fewer parts to clean and a smoother operation. Trigger pull is smooth and easy (this varies unit to unit, but mine was excellent out of the box). The sights are adjustable and easy to replace with high-visibility versions. The full length sight rail allows for mounting of red dot sights or whatever kind you choose. Due to the nature of the sight rail, you will probably have to either use rings or mill out part of the rail yourself, but this is easy enough. A magazine disconnect is built in - I usually don\'t like that in a pistol, but in this particular model I do because a full magazine doesn\'t always seat itself properly (with the slide forward). If this happens, a round will not be stripped from the magazine when the firearm is charged, resulting in a dry-fire which is very bad for rimfire pistols. This feature helps prevent this occurrence.

This pistol has a very comfortable feel. In the end that is what sold me. Don\'t dismiss this pistol right away because of its looks - it is an excellent firearm. All of the guys at the range seem to enjoy it (even the die-hard .45 fans occasionally concede that they enjoy shooting it). If you\'re looking for a first pistol or you just want to shoot a lot and save money with .22LR, this pistol is for you. You can\'t go wrong for the money.

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