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Monday 16 October, 2017  
Speer 44 Caliber 240 Grain Gold Dot Soft Point 50/Box (4456), Not Loaded

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by JIM Date Added: Tuesday 10 June, 2014
This is undoubtedly the toughest 44 bullet I've ever shot. Even bullets dug out of my sand, clay, and gravel backstop have stayed together although sometimes badly deformed. I have no doubt that it will perform well in any big game.... if Speer can ever manage to come up with an accurate design. These are also the least accurate bullet that has ever been fired out of my gun. It's a 2X scoped 4" model 629 capable of 1 MOA in even my mediocre hands with the proper bullet. In this case, it's the Hornady 240 grain XTP over a max charge of 2400 powder and CCI 300 primers, but H110 and Fed 155 primers work almost as well. That bullet however, has failed to hold together in over a dozen deer where they have been recovered. Unfortunately, I've also failed to recover three deer hit solidly in the front shoulder with the Hornadys and that's why I'm looking for a better design. Sieras are also fairly accurate, 1.5" - 1.75" at 50 yards, and the old Winchester 210 grain silvertips shoot consistantly into under 2 inches at 50 yards.

I've tried a wide range of charges of H110, Blue Dot, and 2400 powders combined with CCI300, Fed 155, and Fed 150 primers in Remington cases and have failed to come up with anything resembling an accurate load with the Speer 4456. The best I can muster for a 50 yard, 5 shot group is three or four shots into just under two inches with a flier or two printing three to four inches away from the center of the group and sometimes in opposite directions. In this first box of 100, I've not shot five shots into a decent group. I would estimate that you can expect 30-40% fliers out of a box of these bullets - from a gun proven to be inherently accurate.

I suspect that some may be distorting slightly in flight from centrifugal force or from normal internal chamber pressures due to the way they're constructed. I say normal pressure because I have had them loaded from light to heavy charges of each powder.

Unfortunately, I can't in good conscience go afield with a bullet this inaccurate - regardless of how well they're constructed or perform otherwise.

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