With the T3 Rifle from Tikka Firearms, Sako wanted to build a rifle that accomplishes two ambitious goals. It would have to first deliver uncompromising out-of-the-box accuracy and reliability; then it would offer great value for the money. Tikka Firearms met the challenge with a winning combination of virtues, and the result was the Tikka T3 Rifle. The actions of the T3 rifle are specially-tempered steel machined to deliver a payload, accurately & the stock is made of wood or a composite of materials. It must be easy to hold and pleasant to handle, and it must provide a steady base for the aim and action of the rifle. While the stock is capable of enhancing a rifle's performance, it is the steel action and barrel that really makes the rifle. Tikka rifles have barrelled action units that are universally recognized to be among the industry's best. Tikka Firearms combined the Tikka T3 steel parts with an innovative new stock concept, developed by the award-winning industrial designers at Giugiaro. The two parts fuse together to create a new breed of rifle that's sure to take your breath away. Tikka Firearms offer no gilded engravings, no extra cup holders or delicate polished wood - just incredible out-of- the-box accuracy, silky smooth operation and uncompromising reliability.

Tikka Firearms

Tikka Firearms
We carry the entire line of Tikka Firearms for sale in our online store, including Tikka T3 Rifles. Tens of thousands of shooters in the US and around the world choose Tikka Firearms as their favorite rifles. Tikka firearms are consistently reliable and
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Tikka T3 Short Action 3 Round Blue Magazine (S5840371)


  MPN: S5840371  UPC: 082442757841
Tikka T3 Long Action 5 Round Blue Magazine (S5850375)


  MPN: S5850375  UPC: 082442811857
Tikka T3 22-250/243/308 3 Round Black Magazine (S5850372)


  MPN: S5850372  UPC: 082442811802
Tikka T3 Short Action 5 Round Blue Magazine (S5850374)


  MPN: S5850374  UPC: 082442811840
Tikka T3 223 Remington/5.56 NATO 4 Round Black Magazine (S5850370)


  MPN: S5850370  UPC: 082442811796
Tikka T3 Short Action 6 Round Blue Magazine (S5850376)


  MPN: S5850376  UPC: 082442811833
Tikka T3 270 WSM/300 WSM 3 Round Black Magazine (S5850371)


  MPN: S5850371  UPC: 082442811826
Tikka M595 Short Action 3 Round Blue Magazine (S5840372)


  MPN: S5840372  UPC: 082442766751
Tikka M695 Long Action 3 Round Blue Magazine (S5840373)


  MPN: S5840373  UPC: 082442805337
Tikka Optilock S1320916 2 Piece Blue Base


  MPN: S1320916  UPC: 082442807416
Tikka Optilock S132R916 2 Piece Stainless Steel Base


  MPN: S132R916  UPC: 082442807409
Tikka Scope Ring Set S1322967, Tikka, Tube, Blue Steel


  MPN: S1322967  UPC: 082442760995
Tikka Scope Ring Set S132R967, Tikka, Tube, Silver


  MPN: S132R967  UPC: 082442760254
Tikka T3 Short Action 3 Round Blue Magazine (S5840370)


  MPN: S5840370  UPC: 082442766744
Displaying 1 to 50 (of 242 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  [Next >>] 

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