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   Left Handed 16
   204 Ruger 4
   22-250 Remington 14
   222 Remington 2
   223 Remington 6
   223 Remington-5.56 NATO 5
   243 Winchester 19
   25-06 Remington 7
   260 Remington 15
   270 Winchester 16
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   Bolt 198
   20 " 26
   22 " 77
   24 " 28
   26 " 7
   27 " 20
   29 " 40
   Tikka Firearms 198
204 Ruger (4)
22-250 Remington (14)
222 Remington (2)
223 Remington (6)
223 Remington-5.56 NATO (5)
243 Winchester (19)
25-06 Remington (7)
260 Remington (15)
270 Winchester (16)
270 Winchester Short Magnum (9)
30-06 Springfield (16)
300 Winchester Magnum (13)
300 Winchester Short Magnum (9)
308 Winchester (11)
308 Winchester-7.62 NATO (14)
308 Winchester/7.62 NATO (1)
6.5 Creedmoor (2)
6.5x55 Swedish (8)
7mm Remington Magnum (17)
7mm-08 Remington (10)

The Tikka T3 rifle concept is a spectacular success story. Tens of thousands of shooters in the US and around world have chosen Tikka T3 rifles as their favourite new rifle. The news of the Tikka rifles stunning accuracy has spread like wildfire, making it a highly-sought-out rifle. Each Tikka rifle is throughly tested for accuracy, giving you the performance of 1 MOA or less. Once you have tried a Tikka T3 rifle on the range you simply don’t want to give it back – and when you hear the unbelievable value, there’s no real excuse for not having one. The idea behind Tikka Rifles is actually very simple. A rifle consists of only two components - one made of steel and one made of wood or composite. In terms of performance the steel is the more important part. The stock must be good to hold, pleasant to handle and provide a steady and reliable platform for the steel that delivers the load. Tikka rifles provide all that and more with exceptional quality, reliability, and value.

Tikka Rifles

Tikka Rifles
Testimonials from our Customers
Tikka T3 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle JRTA320, 30-06 Springfield, 22 7/16 in, Bolt Action, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish
I purchased my 30-06 fall of 2009. It has a very smooth action (comparable to a Browning) and is light weight. After taking it whitetail deer hunting, I probably won't buy anything else but a Tikka. I was very impressed with the accuracy and consistancy that my 30-06 produced (5 rounds within .400 at a 100 yds). I would definately recommend this rifle to any avid hunter and for the money you can't beat it. - R. B.

Tikka T3 Lite Bolt Action Rifle JRTE312, 223 Remington, 22 7/16 in, Bolt Action, Black synthetic Stock, Blue Finish
I picked this gun up for a good price and was very suprised at how well it shoots. Less than 1\" at 100 yds at the local range and 1-1/2 at 200 yds. It is a shooter. - R. T.

Tikka T3 Lite Bolt Action Rifle JRTE314, 22-250 Remington, 22 7/16 in, Bolt Action, Black synthetic Stock, Blue Finish
This is my first Tikka rifle and surely not my last. Where I hunt I need a rifle that can reach out and touch em. This rifle and this caliber is all I needed and more. I have shot 2 deer,3 hogs and 2 coyotes,and none of em made it fifty yards. At 400 yds I can put a three shots within a 2 in. circle. I am looking foward to the next Tikka I buy. - S. U.

Tikka T3 Lite Bolt Action Left-Hand Rifle JRTB440, 270 WSM, 24 3/8 in, Bolt Action, Black Synthetic Stock, Stainless Steel Finish
This is my second Tikka and both are good as gold. This gun replaced my Kimber Montana and I dont regret it at all. Shoots most factory ammo good enough for hunting but once I found the right ammo I got sub moa groups consistantly. Great gun for the money. - R. H.

Tikka T3 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle JRTA320, 30-06 Springfield, 22 7/16 in, Bolt Action, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish
I purchased this rifle a couple of years ago. It shoots better than any of my other rifles. Feels great, looks good and is better than I expected. I recommend it without hesitation. - T. P.

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