Beretta SV10 Perennia III Shotgun JV13A26, 20 Gauge, 26", 3" Chmbr, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish
MPN:  JV13A26 UPC:   082442147062

Beretta SV10 Perennia III Shotgun JV13A26, 20 Gauge, 26", 3" Chmbr, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish

Gauge 20 
Chamber 76mm / 3” 
Locking System Dual conical longitudinal locking lugs, self-adjusting for wear; oversized monobloc bearing shoulders, replaceable hinge pins
Engraving Floral motifs and game scenes on side panels; nickel based protective finish
Barrels New Optima-Bore® High Performance profile. Bore diameter 18.6mm (0.73 in.)
Barrel Length 69cm/26”, 
Top Rib Ventilated, 6 x 6 mm
Extraction System Long guided extractors, easy selection between automatic ejection or mechanical extraction
Chokes Optimachoke® High Performance choke tubes. Fixed chokes on request
Trigger Group Quickly removable trigger group
Trigger Titanium single selective trigger
Top Lever Newly designed top lever
Fore-end Iron Constant barrel-receiver-iron fit
Safety Manual or automatic safety, newly designed safety and selector lever
Length of Pull 373 mm - 14.7”
Drop 38/60 mm (1.5”/2.36”) or 35/55 mm (1.38”/2.17”)
Fore-end Newly designed semibeavertail fore-end with elongated fore-end lever
Stock/Fore-End Newly designed checkering. Mat oil finish
Pad Rubber. Plastic pad included. Gel•Tek recoil pad available on request
Weight Kg. 3.300 (7.3 lbs) approx.
Accessories Polipropilene case, 5 chokes with spanner, sling swivels, plastic pad, Beretta gun oil

Every once in a generation or so comes along a shotgun that revolutionizes and reshapes the category. Beretta’s SV10 Perennia is such a firearm. The third evolution of Beretta’s celebrated over-and-unders, its lineage springs from the elegant and high performance SO10.

Like its root word, perennial, it has been meticulously engineered for reliable performance, year after year, round after round. The Perennia’s new aesthetics and technical design are unmatched anywhere. A redesigned safety offers a better grip and ergonomics, while a new locking system provides a more constant lock between the stock and receiver. From its deeper, more elegant breech shoulders and wide ellipse for clear, richer engravings to its innovations like the first ever application of Kick-Off technology in a wooden stock, this is a world-class gun that will outperform your expectations.

The receiver, while maintaining the traditional Beretta locking system with trapezoidal shoulders and double longitudinal locking lugs, is characterized by arrowhead-shaped sideplates that stand out from the sides. The locking shoulders of the monobloc and their corresponding seats on the receiver feature new, larger shapes that are not only better integrated into the design of the sideplates, but also improve the efficiency of the lock-up. The styling refinements continue into the shape of the stock inletting, which now moves well forward into the sides of the receiver, consolidating the rigidity of the assembly.

The new profile of the barrels also unifies form and function: The tubes elegantly blend with the receiver and ensure excellent strength and durability. The top moldings integrate gracefully with the style of the receiver, while guaranteeing an improved field of view when sighting. Machined from a solid steel alloy billet, hardened and tempered, the Perennia’s over-and-under receiver provides a low and elegant profile that allows the redirection of the recoil in-line to the shooter’s shoulder. This reduces the felt recoil and eases shouldering. The high-strength alloy receiver is treated with an exclusive, nickel based, protective finish that increases its durability and resistance to corrosion.

The new profile Q-Stock features an exclusive attachment system to the receiver, patented by Beretta, which allows its disassembly in just a few seconds – for replacement, special work or access to the trigger mechanism – without having to remove the recoil pad. This new Q-Stock design no longer requires the traditional internal through-bolt since it attaches directly to the receiver, increasing the solidity of the receiver-stock assembly. The result is a lock-up that is constant over time, also contributing to extending the life of the shotgun. The disassembly operation is executed using the included special key, inserting it through the grip cap which features an elegant and functional hinged coverplate.

REMOVABLE TRIGGER GROUP Once the stock is removed, even the trigger group may be quickly removed in order to have access to all of its components for cleaning or maintenance. The disassembly may be performed with the same tool used to detach the stock.

TRIGGER GUARD AND TRIGGER PLATE The strong trigger guard, machined from a single piece of steel, elegantly blends into the trigger plate via two rounded reinforcement ridges. Even in this case form and function are wisely inter twined.

The Beretta Perennia is formed from solid, lightweight, titanium. This premiere material guarantees the durability and reliability of use. The mirror polish highlights the harmony

New top lever design. The newly designed top lever features a wide surface area to ensure ease and comfort of operation. The design of the safety/selector assembly has been executed with attention to the smallest detail to ensure smooth, precise and secure operation and a constant engagement force. The selector (where present) is integrated into the lever and snaps precisely into one position or the other, avoiding the annoyance of being in a non-firing ‘neutral’ position and compromising the shot.

Manufactured from the highest strength alloys using the exclusive process of cold hammer forging, which guarantees the perfect concentricity of the tubes, the barrels of the new Beretta Perennia are extremely strong yet, at the same time, extremely light. Designed to be able to withstand the rigors of steel shot, they feature a new internal Optima-Bore HP (High Performance) profile with a longer forcing cone which improves patterning and contributes to reduce felt recoil. The bore and chamber are completely chromelined to guarantee maximum resistance to corrosion and wear, and to increase the velocity of the shot. The new profile of the barrels joins form and function: The tubes blend harmoniously with the monobloc, mating the streamlined profile of the receiver and, at the same time, ensuring excellent durability and strength. The external surfaces of the barrels are finished in a resistant polished blueing.

In the new Perennia over-and-under, Beretta introduces a new patented extraction system that allows the selection between automatic ejection or simple mechanical extraction of the fired shells. The selector is easily accessed by simply removing the fore-end.

The new flush Beretta Optimachoke® HP (High Performance) choke tubes feature an internal profile to reduce friction and improving the density and distribution of the pattern. Manufactured from high- strength steel and finished in a nickel-alloy coating, the Beretta Optimachoke® HP chokes guarantee significant corrosion resistance and ability to withstand the rigors of steel shot.

The newly designed extractors are precisely guided along the entire length of the barrel monobloc to ensure impeccable extraction or ejection of the shells. The large contact surface area of the extractors on the rim of the shell improves its retention and reliability.

The fore-end, streamlined and elegant, features new ergonomic shapes that guarantee its optimal grip. The new foreend iron boasts a new patented internal mechanism that maintains a constant barrel- receiver-iron fit. This system fur ther contributes to improve the strength of the locking system and the service life of the gun. The new fore-end lever, with its elongated shape, ensures the smooth release of the fore-end from the barrel.


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