Lyman Butches Gun Cleaning MultiPack 22 - 270 Caliber (02890)
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Lyman Butches Gun Cleaning MultiPack 22 - 270 Caliber (02890)


Butches Gun Cleaning MultiPack

22 - 270 Caliber, Butch's Bore Shine, Butch's Gun Oil, Butch's Triple Twill Cleaning Patches

Benchrest rifles fire many more rounds and undergo much more frequent cleaning than any other firearm. For maximum accuracy, their bores must be surgically clean; yet, they can literally be "cleaned to death" if the wrong cleaner is used. This is why Butch Fisher developed Butch's Bore Shine. Butch's products all deliver benchrest levels of cleanliness and protection for any firearm, even black powder models. Since it's introduction in 1999 this product has literally set the market back on its heels. Butch's has received nothing but the highest praise from competitive shooting circles. Butch's is a non-abrasive chemical solvent specifically designed to remove all forms of Bore Fouling including copper with an absolute minimum of effort. It will quickly remove carbon build-up even in that "difficult to clean" throat area. It will easily remove lead, wax and even plastic from shotgun wads. However, unlike most powder solvents, Butch's can also control the copper fouling and by pushing a few patches soaked with Butch's will control copper build-up. Butch's is safe to use on carbon and stainless barrels. Includes: 3.75 oz bottle of Butch's Bore Shine, 4 oz bottle of Butch's Gun Oil, Handi-Pak container of Butch's Triple Twill Cleaning Patches in a variety of sizes.

Mfg Item Num: 02890
Type :Cleaning Kit
Size :22-270 Cal
Quantity :1 Kit
Including :Shine, oil, patches

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