Beretta A400 Xplor Action Semi-Auto Shotgun J40AW18, 12 Gauge, 28", 3" Chmbr, Walnut Stock, Bronze Receiver, Blue Finish
MPN:  J40AW18 UPC:   082442707709

Beretta A400 Xplor Action Semi-Auto Shotgun J40AW18, 12 Gauge, 28", 3" Chmbr, Walnut Stock, Bronze Receiver, Blue Finish

A400 Xplor Action: Semiauto Versatility, Classic Looks

The new Beretta A400 Xplor Action with bronze receiver is equipped with all the features that have made the A400 series such a success, it’s the semi-automatic you can use with absolute confidence regardless of game, ammunition, target or season. The gun’s versatility is increased thanks to the receiver which comes with scope mount grooves to accept optics or other aiming systems.

From today, the A400 Xplor Action is the shotgun that counts.

The A400 is a gas-operated action that was built for speed, reliability and versatility. Featuring the Blink technology, it is capable of firing 4 shells in less than 1 second, giving you the fastest follow-up shots of any shotgun on the market. Also, with this shotgun you can safely fire lead and steel shot, as well as chamber the best shell for the job regardless of length (2 ¾” to 3”) or power (mild for target to hard-hitting for hunting). Last but not least, the A400 action is light and trim, making this shotgun’s balance, swing and pointability an absolute best in its class.

GunPod: The Beretta onboard computer The Beretta GunPod is a multifunction electronic device, a standard component which is housed in the pistol grip cap of the A400 Xplor Action and allows the user to:
  • count the total shots (not resettable)
  • count the partial shots (up to 7 resettable sessions)
  • measure the external temperature in Centigrade and Fahrenheit (thermometer)
  • test the ammunition fired.

    GunPod allows you to compare two different types of cartridges, even when their load is equal. The Beretta GunPod is a revolutionary device in as much as it counts the shots fired even without a battery inside or with a discharged battery.

  • GAUGE: 12
  • CHAMBER: 3”- 76 mm
  • FUNCTIONING SYSTEM: Semiautomatic shotgun featuring the new Beretta gas system Blink Optima-Bore HP
  • LOCKING SYSTEM: Rotating bolt with reinforced lugs
  • RECEIVER: New aluminum-alloy receiver
  • FINISHING \ ENGRAVING: New colored anodizing process Technical engraving with scratches and logo
  • BARREL: Optima-Bore HP featuring the exclusive Steelium technology
  • CHOKES: Optima-Choke HP (High Performance)
  • RIB: 6x6 ventilated rib
  • TRIGGER: Chrome plated
  • TRIGGER GUARD: Trigger guard with Xplor logo
  • SAFETY: Reversible safety button with new ergonomics for better grip
  • FRONT SIGHT: Metal bead
  • WOOD: New X-Tra Grain technology with oil finishing
  • STOCK: Pistol grip stock, stock drop 35/55 mm (with adjusting drop spacers), new fore-end with frontal polymer insert
  • STOCK LENGTH: 14,5” (14,25” with Kick-Off) with 0,75” pad
  • RECOIL PAD: New Micro-Core pad
  • CHECKERING: New checkering with Beretta logo
  • ACCESSORIES: New dedicated case with stock drop spacers, quick detachable swivels and 3 chokes with wrench
  • WEIGHT (approx.): 6.8 Lbs

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