Insight M6X000A8 M6X Slide Lock For Glock Pistols
MPN:  M6X000A8 UPC:   676812000202

Insight M6X000A8 M6X Slide Lock For Glock Pistols

INSIGHT TECH-GEAR M Series Tactical Lights/Accessories

Insight Technology M6X Slide Lock For Glock Pistols

The M6X is a compact, lightweight, visible illuminator that emits a highly concentrated beam of visible light for acquisition and identification of targets. The M6X may be equipped with either a visible aiming laser, or an infrared aiming laser for use with night vision devices. The M6X can be hand held or mounted to hand gun / long gun weapon systems, and is powered by two 3-volt Lithium batteries. Using an Infrared filter over the visible light, the M6X can be used with Night Vision Devices to accurately direct fire as well as illuminate and designate targets.

Mfg Item Num: M6X000A8
Category: LIGHTS
Type :Slide Lock
Candle Power :125 Lumens
Bulb Type :Xenon
Diameter :1.6"
Length :3.4"
Weight :4.4 oz
Battery :6 volt(From 2 123)
Waterproof :Watertight to 66ft
Color :Black
Material :Aluminum

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