Cyril S. Adams on Double Guns - One Man's Passion DVD

Cyril S. Adams on Double Guns - One Man's Passion DVD

This video captures two of the most influential "Gun Handlers" of the modern era. Co-host Ed Arrighi, lifelong shoot and hunter has brought two of his mentors and heroes together for an historic production.

Dan Carlisle has been the most successful shooter in the United States for the past 35 years. Whether it is Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays or The Olympics, Dan has done it all at hte top level. Now he turns his attention to the world of fine double guns.

Cyril S. Adams is unique. He is a man who many years ago made the decision to abandon a very successful and sensible career, choosing instead to follow his passions. Guns, shooting, and hunting in a general sense, but the engineer in him caused him to gravitate toward the mechanical devices used in those pursuits: the guns. His inquisitive mind and relentless pursuit of knowledge led him through guns of all types until he understood taht Doubles are simply superior for most applications.

Spending months every year in and amongst the English Gun Trade, Cyril not only became a bona finde Gunmaker, owning the firm of Atkin, Grant & Lange for over 20 years, he also became the World's Leading Restorer of Fine English Doubles.

In this video you will see the greatest shooter in American history query, quiz and learn from another icon how to buy, sell, use and otherwise enjoy fine Double Guns.

Cyril S. Adams renowned author of "Lock, Stock & Barrel" is viewed by many as the foremost authority on Double Guns in the world. For the first time, you can benefit from his vast knowledge in his own words. His engaging conversation will captivate you from the first moment on.

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