Jackall ASKA 60 SR Blueback Chartreuse Crankbait (JASK60SRBBCH)
MPN:  JASK60SRBBCH UPC:   843459011698

Jackall ASKA 60 SR Blueback Chartreuse Crankbait (JASK60SRBBCH)

One of the most advanced crankbaits to hit the market in some time, the Jackall Aska 60 SR was painstakingly designed and fine-tuned over a 5-year period by legendary lure designer, Seiji Kato. Perfect for pressured conditions, it is a silent runner with a precisely engineered fiberglass (circuitboard) square bill that provides it with a unique vibration and incredible deflection capabilities. The Aska's internal balancing weight also allows it to track correctly almost immediately after deflections, and helps keep it centered and snag-free as it moves through cover.

Its slender body gives it a fast wobbling and rolling action, and its belly hook keeper features reinforced edges to keep the belly hook pinned closer to the center for better hooking capabilities and fewer snags. The modified hook keeper also allows you to add a larger hook without the hook snagging on the lip or rear treble. Available in a variety of detailed color options, the Jackall Aska 60 SR shallow-running, square-bill crankbait offers advanced performance you can't find anywhere else.
Length: 2.5"
Weight: 3/8oz

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