Kleen-Bore PS53 5.56mm Police & Tactical Cleaning Kit
MPN:  PS53 UPC:   026249003862

Kleen-Bore PS53 5.56mm Police & Tactical Cleaning Kit

KLEEN-BORE INC Tactical Cleaning Kit

Kleen Bore 5.56mm Police & Tactical Cleaning Kit

A complete universal tactical weapons care system for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Kit includes a 5 piece steel cleaning rod w/muzzle guard and rotating nylon handle, phosphor bronze brushes in all of the above calibers, double ended nylon utility brush, brass rifle and handgun patch and jags for professional bore cleaning results. It also includes a silicone gun cloth, shotgun adapter and patch holder, premium copper solvent removes lead, copper, powder and melted wad residue, TW-25-B High Tech oil, assorted cotton patches and chamber flag helps identify empty semi-auto chambers in 9mm - .45.

Mfg Item Num: PS53
Type :Tactical Cleaning Kit
Size :5.56
Quantity :One Kit

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