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   PISTOLS 972
   45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 984
   45 Colt-45 Automatic Colt 6
   Break Open 1
   Break Open Derringer 2
   Double 158
   Double/Single 155
   Semi-Auto 175
   Single 448
   Striker Fire 1
   Other 40
   1 1
   2 4
   5 19
   6 66
   7 284
   8 359
   9 16
   10 128
   11 1
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   3 " 115
   3-3/4 " 1
   3-1/2 " 5
   4-5/8 " 1
   4 " 308
   5 " 527
   6 " 24
   8 " 1
   11 " 1
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   Advanced Armament Corp 1
   American Classic Firearms 5
   American Tactical 9
   Auto-Ordnance Corp 6
   Beretta Firearms 2
   Bersa Firearms 25
   Bond Arms 4
   Charter Arms 2
   Christensen Arms 2
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3 " (115)
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3-1/2 " (5)
4-5/8 " (1)
4 " (308)
5 " (527)
6 " (24)
8 " (1)
11 " (1)
Other (7)

Advanced Armament Corp (1)
American Classic Firearms (5)
American Tactical (9)
Auto-Ordnance Corp (6)
Beretta Firearms (2)
Bersa Firearms (25)
Bond Arms (4)
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Taurus Firearms (28)
Taylors (5)
Walther Firearms (5)
Wilson Combat (8)

45 ACP

Testimonials from our Customers
Ruger American Pistol 8615, 45 ACP, 4.5 in, Black Synthetic Grip, Black Nitride Finish, 10 Rd
I wasn't using my Sig 1911 much so I sold it, but still wanted a .45 acp handgun. When this Ruger American came out, it did so with the usual industry hype. I found the price point appealing and also found it better looking than some plastic pistols, so I thought I'd take a chance on it knowing Ruger makes solid weapons. I wasn't too optimistic even when it arrived though it felt very nice in hand. One trip to the range changed everything for me however; not only did it feel good but it is a remarkably soft shooter, actually very pleasant. I didn't want to put to down (and didn't). Long story short, expensive gun not used for a relatively inexpensive gun that I can't stop shooting (until I ran out of ammo). We'll see how it holds up though, from what I've read, it's rated for +P extended use and purportedly would meet the new military standards. I'd surmise a lot of thought went into it during development so that an ordinary gun owner would embrace it so easily, like I have. I've owned too many handguns over the years not to have some perspective. I think Ruger has an exceptional product here (assuming the same Ruger high standards of mfg.) and if the general population of gun owners feels the way I do, it'll be a runaway success. - BZ

Glock 41 Gen4 Practical/Tactical Pistol PG4130103, 45 ACP, 5.31 in, Polymer Grip, Black Finish, 13 Rd
I thought my Sig P 227 was the best .45 double-action I ever shot....until I fired this Glock 41. Simply put, it doesn't get any better than this. The Glock is so beautifully designed, you can shoot it as fast as you can pull the trigger. So help me, I can hit a bulls eye target as fast with this 41 as I can with my Ruger Mark III 22. It digests all ammo, from 185 grain plus P, to standard 230 harball, to Buffalo Bore 230 plus P. The Buffalo Bore ammo chronographed 1,015 out of the long 5.3 inch barrel. Accuracy is incredible. From a bench rest at 25 yards, standard Federal 230 grain hardball grouped 1 1/2". RWS ammo grouped just over 1". This isn't just match accuracy, it's just plain accurate for anything. The really surprising thing for me is the lack of recoil in spite of the light weight. The 41 is smaller than a 1911. It carries very well. Just make sure you're comfortable with the trigger. You can accidentally trip it if you're not careful. Make sure you have a holster that covers the trigger and be careful in and out of holster. Simple cautions will mean you can carry this gun anywhere. It is high capacity. 13 plus 1 rounds of .45 ACP, especially Buffalo Bore's great 230 grain plus P full metal jacket flat point, will give you woods protection against black bears if necessary. Not a good idea to just have the .45, but sometimes you are just in the woods hiking and aren't carrying anything heavier. You owe it to yourself to try one out. Best thing Glock ever made. If I had one thing on my wish list, it would be a low-profile, adjustable night sight about the same size as the Glock factory sight. The Meprolight is very large with a .3" front sight that gets in the way of many holsters. - JOE

American Classic 1911 Pistol AC45G2C, 45 ACP, 5 in, Checkered Hardwood w/Diamond Grip, Hard Chrome Finish, Novak Rear/Dovetail Sights, 8 Rd
This gun is awesome! Best 1911 for the $! It will shoot any 45ACP round you put in it flawlessly with no jams! I highly recommend this gun if they ever get some back in stock! - KIRK

Taurus PT-1911 Large Frame Pistol 1191101B1, 45 ACP, 5 in, Checkered Black Grip, Blue Finish, 8 Rd
my wife bought this from able ammo. i had been wanting one for a long time. she got it for my birthday. i put 500 rounds through it without a hickup. no failure to fires, or failure to ejects. felt great and was very accurate. i had 2 small issues. first one was, one of the magazines is loose in the grip and won't hold the slide open when empty. it's a problem with the clip, not the gun. i also had a slight problem field stripping it. when i tried to take the camlock off of the front, it was hard to work out and i wound up letting the spring pop out and it flew across the room. after i shot it and went to strip it again it seemed a bit easier. the problem did not affect performance. i have shot many different brands from high end to bottom feeders. this one runs with guns costing 2-3 times as much. i highly recommend it. great gun at any price. - ANDREW

Beretta Px4 Storm Double/Single Action Semi-Auto Pistol JXF5F25, 45 ACP, 4", Polymer Grip, Black Matte Finish, 10 Rd
Stopped on the way home to shoot two clips \"Fell in love with this gun\". It is the sweetest shooting pistol I have ever shot. Everything about this gun feels right. Surprised by the low recoil for a 45, maybe it\'s the rotating barrel. - D. V.

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