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   PISTOLS 236
   17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire HMR 1
   22 Long Rifle 32
   22 Magnum 5
   327 Federal Magnum 3
   357 Magnum 56
   38 Special 41
   380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 13
   40 Smith & Wesson 62
   40 Smith & Wesson (S&W) 1
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   Double 194
   Double/Single 140
   Semi-Auto 1
   Single 47
   Striker Fire 10
   Other 6
   5 70
   6 73
   7 47
   8 59
   10 73
   12 9
   13 2
   14 5
   15 28
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   1-7/8 " 3
   1-1/8 " 1
   2 " 52
   3 " 86
   3-1/2 " 8
   4 " 132
   5 " 57
   6 " 29
   7 " 14
+ View More
   Smith and Wesson 398
17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire HMR (1)
22 Long Rifle (32)
22 Magnum (5)
327 Federal Magnum (3)
357 Magnum (56)
38 Special (41)
380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (13)
40 Smith & Wesson (62)
40 Smith & Wesson (S&W) (1)
41 Remington Magnum (3)
410-45 Long Colt (3)
44 Remington Magnum (23)
44 Special (1)
45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (55)
45 Colt (1)
460 Smith & Wesson Magnum (8)
500 Smith & Wesson (7)
9mm (83)

5 (70)
6 (73)
7 (47)
8 (59)
10 (73)
12 (9)
13 (2)
14 (5)
15 (28)
16 (5)
17 (24)
Other (3)

1-7/8 " (3)
1-1/8 " (1)
2 " (52)
3 " (86)
3-1/2 " (8)
4 " (132)
5 " (57)
6 " (29)
7 " (14)
8 " (10)
11 " (2)
12 " (2)
14 " (1)
Other (1)

Smith & Wesson Handguns

Smith & Wesson Handguns
Testimonials from our Customers
Smith & Wesson 360 AirLite PD Revolver 163064, 357 Magnum, 1 7/8", Hogue Bantam Grip, Blue Finish, 5 Rd, HiViz Sights
I have owned and carried the 360 AirLite Revolver for a long time now. It's a great pistol and no one knows when I am wearing it because (i'm pretty thin) I use a crossbreed IWB holster and you can't even notice it when I wear a T shirt. Obvoiusly not a tight one but my regular ones and TUCKED in. I use 357 defensive loads and I have to say with my little wrists the pistol kicks like hitting a 2x4 across your thumb and for finger. Leaves a red spot but never got a bruise. I shoot 38+p's for target and practice but always shoot about 15 round of the "hot" 357 stuff. Don't recommend for you if you will flinch with the recoil. -

Smith & Wesson 41 Rimfire Pistol 130512, 22 LR, 7", Wooden Target W/ Thumbrest Grip, Blue Steel Finish, 10 Rd, Adj Sights
I have been a diehard fan of the S&W Model 41 since my first ownership of one back in 1979 at the young age of 14 when my dad bought me this and paid $325.00 for it brand new. I shot many thousands of rounds of all brands of ammunition through that gun for several years until selling it in 1986 which I’ll always regret doing. I remember many times going to the outdoor target range and placing a coke can at about 35 yards and shooting it multiple times, pushing it further out each time I hit it until it would be at around 50+ yards or further. All the years I shot it I never remember it ever jamming which said something for it. Now at 53 I own my 11th and 12th one and don’t ever plan on letting these go. I bought the 11th one back in February of this year and am so glad to have been given the chance to once again purchase and own one. This one is the “Performance Center Edition” version which seems even harder to find than the standard ones. Also in August of this year, actually a couple of days ago I had the chance to find and get a 7” barreled standard version one. I haven’t shot either of these yet but I must say the look, fit, and feel of both examples are totally as expected with these guns. PERFECT!! My favorite feature of these guns is the superb, crisp, light weight trigger pull and both examples here are no exception! When storing these and any .22 LR firearm I always keep a plastic snap cap in the chamber so that I can dry fire the hammer to keep it in an “at rest” position so the spring is under less pressure. I must admit the trigger pull on both examples like all the others I have owned breaks like the snapping of a pencil lead. Just PURE PRECISION!! I am really surprised S&W still produces this model and in my honest opinion look for it to be pulled from the line at any given point due to the cost of making it now. But I have thought that for some time now and they still keep on making them although they are rather hard to find most of the time (especially the Performance Center Edition). For anyone interested and wanting a fine precision target pistol you absolutely will not go wrong with investing in the Model 41. I’ve owned both the Colt Woodsman as well as the High Standard Trophy and even though they are with no argument superb guns, I still prefer the Model 41. To me the Model 41 always seemed to exude a little more heft and brawn in the build quality like in the thick, wide cartridge extractor as well as the robust appearance and feel of the trigger not to mention not having to worry about gold plating wearing off. They are a great investment to say the least and just keep rising steadily in price. The S&W Model 41 will always get my top vote!!! I highly recommend anyone who likes .22 LR bullseye shooting to obtain one of these fine works of art while they can still be had!! -

Smith & Wesson M929 Performance Center Revolver 170341, 9mm, 6.5", Synthetic Grips, Stainless Steel Finish, 8 Rd
Great revolver Extremely accurate. Smooth DA trigger to pull. Incredible SA trigger pull. Smith and Wesson quality at its finest. - ABDUL R

Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Pistol 10297, 22LR, 5.5 in, Polymer Grip, Kryptek Highlander Camo Finish, 10 rd
I don't own this one yet but I do own the SW22 in stainless, and it is one of the finest shooting 22 pistols that I own. it is accurate and the weight of the pistol is perfect...love it..that Is why I want this one in Kryptec -

Smith & Wesson 637 Performance Center Revolver 170349, 38 Special, 1-7/8", Basketweave Wood Grips, Matte Silver Finish
My husband got me this gun for Christmas and I love it!! It fits perfectly in my hand, great balance, and the basket patterned wood grip is beautiful. I shot it for the first time and the action is so smooth, the kick is less that what I expected for such a short barrel. It fits comfortably in my purse and I could not be happier, best purchase!! - LANAN DESHA

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