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Leupold RX Digital Laser Range Finders are completely unlike other rangefinders - all four models in the new RX Series are packed with multiple, customizable functions, making them much more than glorified tape measurers. Leupold range finders feature True Ballistic Range to make a huge impact on your accuracy, giving you a much more accurate measurement than the straight line distance to your target. The Leupold RX range finder uses an inclinometer to measure up and down hill shots, coupled with the ballistics of your projectile to give you the equivalent horizontal range, and for rifle hunters, a holdover/holdunder point or an MOA adjustment. No other range finder does so much to help you make the shot of a lifetime. Check out our selection of Leupold Range Finders below, or click for Leupold Rifle Scopes, Leupold Spotting Scopes, or Leupold Handgun Scopes.

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Leupold Quickdraw Range Finder Holster (114181)
MPN: 114181
UPC: 030317141813
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Leupold RX-1000I Range Finder 112178, 6x, Black
MPN: 112178
UPC: 030317121785
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Leupold RX-Full Draw Range Finder 115268, 5x, Camo
MPN: 115268
UPC: 030317152680
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Leupold RX600i Range Finder 115265, 6x, 23mm, Matte
MPN: 115265
UPC: 030317152659
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