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   22 Blank 1
   22 Long Rifle 163
   20 gr 2
   21 gr 1
   25 gr 1
   26 gr 1
   29 gr 2
   30 gr 2
   31 gr 3
   32 gr 3
   33 gr 3
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   Aguila Ammunition 12
   Armscor Ammunition 3
   Browning Arms 3
   CCI Ammunition 31
   Dyamit Nobel - RWS 14
   Eley Ammunition 12
   Federal Cartridge 21
   Fiocchi Ammunition 11
   Geco Ammunition 2
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20 gr (2)
21 gr (1)
25 gr (1)
26 gr (1)
29 gr (2)
30 gr (2)
31 gr (3)
32 gr (3)
33 gr (3)
36 gr (22)
37 gr (4)
38 gr (6)
40 gr (102)
42 gr (4)
45 gr (5)
60 gr (1)

Aguila Ammunition (12)
Armscor Ammunition (3)
Browning Arms (3)
CCI Ammunition (31)
Dyamit Nobel - RWS (14)
Eley Ammunition (12)
Federal Cartridge (21)
Fiocchi Ammunition (11)
Geco Ammunition (2)
Gemtech (1)
Norma Ammunition (2)
Remington Ammo (22)
Winchester Ammo (28)
Wolf Ammo (2)


22 Long Rifle ammunition for sale online, in-stock, at discount prices, including cheap ammunition, bulk ammunition, and surplus ammo from brands like Norma Ammunition, Geco Ammunition, Armscor Ammunition, Fiocchi Ammunition, CCI Ammunition, Winchester Ammo, Federal Cartridge, Remington Ammo, and Dyamit Nobel - RWS, Aguila Ammunition in Eley Ammunition in 22 Blank and 22 Long. In addition to 22 Long Rifle ammo, we also carry Rifle ammunition, Pistol ammo, and Shotgun shells from top brands. Buy your .22LR today and start hunting small pests, sport shooting or just for training at an affordable price. Purchase with ease using our fast and easy one page checkout!
Testimonials from our Customers
Aguila Subsonic Sniper Rifle Ammuniton 1B222112, 22 Long Rifle, Solid Point, 60 GR, 950 fps, 50 Rd/bx
Best "quiet" .22 ammo available. Other subsonics use a 20-40gr bullet which has little punch at subsonic velocities. This 60gr bullet puts a thump on what it hits. I just dispatched a large racoon in a trap a few minutes ago with one shot and didn't wake the neighbors. Don't expect long range accuracy as .22 barrels have a twist rate for the lighter bullets. - THOMAS

Eley Subsonic Rimfire Ammunition, 05400, 22 Long Rifle, Hollow Point (HP), 40 GR, 1065 fps, 50 Rd/Bx
Purchased a brick last season to try on squirrel. I usually shoot SK match from my rifles for the accuracy on head shots. Found these to shoot to the same point of impact and almost same accuracy. However the eley HP hits with better authority than the SK round point. Just ordered another brick for the new season. Shipping was fast and packaged well and will continue to purchase these as my funds allow. - RICHARD

Remington Viper Hyper Velocity Rimfire Ammunition 1922, 22 Long Rifle, Truncated Cone Solid, 36 GR, 1410 fps, 50 Rd/bx
been searching high and low for this ammo. only rem. 22 worth buying right now. whats the problem with rem. getting this ammo out to stores any way.please get this product out to so fla in particular tyvm -

Eley Subsonic Rimfire Ammunition, 05400, 22 Long Rifle, Hollow Point (HP), 40 GR, 1065 fps, 50 Rd/Bx
Love these rounds... my fav out of my suppressed 22/45 -

Eley Edge Rimfire Ammunition 02000, 22 Long Rifle, 40 GR, Lead Flat Nose (FN), 1085 fps, 50 Rd/Bx
Ammo is dirty, I mean it leaves things a little black. BUT, very reliable, very accurate, and consistent. It seems to perform similar to Eley Match (black box), but cheaper. REMEMBER.... this is sub-sonic Match grade Target ammo. Anyone buying this ammo, which is subsonic, for use in a semi-automatic pistol or rifle is likely uneducated and doesn't know what this ammo is. To quote Eley's website: "ELEY edge is part of our elite competition range and benefits from ELEY tenex technology such as a flat nose bullet profile." Yes, "elite competition" ammunition. Not plinking ammo. Eley says it is for: Prone Rifle 3 Position Rifle Lightweight Sport Rifle 50m pistol If you don't know what those are, then don't buy this ammo. Unfortunately, "Scot", who wrote a negative review obviously didn't know what he was buying. It's good ammo and cheaper than Eley Match, but I don't like the black coating. -

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