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   PISTOLS 131
   22 Long Rifle 94
   380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 31
   9mm 6
   Semi-Auto 2
   Single 122
   Other 7
   8 31
   9 1
   10 93
   13 3
   Other 3
   3-5/8 " 2
   4 " 60
   4-1/4 " 3
   5 " 10
   6 " 47
   7 " 9
   Browning Arms 131

Browning designs all of its pistols with the same attention to detail as their other firearms. Every Browning pistol comes with a cable lock to help you safely store your firearm. Whether you are looking for a target pistol like the Browning Buck Mark Series or need something more with more power like the Browning Hi-Power and Pro Pistol Series, Browning makes it and we carry it.

Browning Buck Mark Pistols

Browning Buck Mark pistols lead the industry in quality, reliability, accuracy and variety. Every Browning Buck Mark pistol starts out as a solid piece of aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy, and is then CNC machined to exacting tolerances. The crisp single-action trigger, hand reamed chamber, target crowned barrel and finely adjustable target sights mean the Browning Buck Mark pistol comes ready for fun straight from the box. The finger grooves, laser stippling and stylish wave patterns combine to form an Ergonomic Interactive Surface (EIS) that puts your hand in the same place on the grip for every shot, resulting in more instinctual shooting and improved accuracy. The textured surfaces of Browning Buck Mark pistols are comfortable and secure in any condition, while the narrow profile makes them perfect for all hand sizes.

Browning Hi-Power Pistols

With a Browning Hi-Power pistol, you are taking a true classic to the range. When it was introduced early in the 20th century, the Browning Hi Power 9mm pistol was a revelation, offering the perfect balance of handling, size and firepower. Over the years, the Browning Hi Power pistol has aged gracefully and continues to have a loyal following among those “in the know.” Whether you are a novice or a seasoned shooter, you will appreciate the fine craftsmanship and function of Browning Hi Power pistols, the sure heft of the machined steel frame and slide, and their natural pointability. As reliable, accurate and easy to shoot as ever, every true firearm enthusiast should have a Browning Hi Power pistol in their collection.

Browning 1911-22 A1 Pistols

In the early 1900s jungle warfare in the Philippines exposed the inadequacies of the .38 revolver and sent the U.S. Army on a search for an official large-caliber semiautomatic service sidearm. After a famed government test in 1910 when it fired 6,000 rounds in two days without a malfunction, the single test gun being dunked in a water bucket when it overheated, John Moses Browning's "Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911" became that sidearm.

Now, in honor of the 100th anniversary of a great firearm, Browning has come out with a new scaled-down version in .22 Long Rifle, the 1911-22 A1. We used Remington 40-grain .22 Target rounds to test-fire the gun, albeit somewhat less than 6,000 times in a row. The best performance was a 2-1/2 inch five-shot group fired from a rest at 25 yards. Though it has a heavy factory trigger, for plinking or for teaching a kid to shoot, the 1911-22 A1 has a lot of potential.

Browning Pistols

Browning Pistols
Testimonials from our Customers
Browning Compact 1911-22 A1 Pistol w/ Rail 051816490, 22 LR, 4-1/4", Black Laminated Grips, Black Finish, 10 Rd
My stainless el patron is all that i hoped for. The only exception is the pull is harder than what i hoped and also the creep is noticeable. Both these are to be expected for safety from a commercial gun. The bullets hit straight and maybe 2inches high. People might complain that stainless isnt true to the times, but i bet the old timers would have loved it The grips feel like they stick in the hand. I LOVE THIS PISTOL. Oh and the timing! C-O-lt - LARRY

Browning Buck Mark Pistol. Plus Rosewood UDX
I have a Buckmark and love shooting it. I have shot at least 2500 rounds of many different types of 22 ammo with no problems. It is definately a great 22 pistol that will last a lifetime. - G. C.

Browning Buck Mark Practical URX Fiber Optic Pistol 051448490, 22 LR, 5.6", Aluminum Grip Frame, Matte Blue Finish
One of the best rim fire pistols I have ever shot. I was able to blow the tops of a thermos and a soda bottle at about 50 yrds. That was pretty nice to me. The pistol handles great. Unremarkable accuracy and dependability when it come to this little gun. I wish they made extended clips for it for because 10 rounds is not enough., lololololo, you know what I mean!!!!! - J. T.

PISTOLS Matching Your Criteria (131 items)
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Browning Buck Mark Pistol - Standard Stainless URX


  MPN: 051409490   UPC: 023614250975
Browning Buck Mark Pistol - Micro Standard URX


  MPN: 051408490   UPC: 023614250968
Browning Buck Mark Pistol. Plus Rosewood UDX


  MPN: 051429490   UPC: 023614251903
Browning Buck Mark Pistol. Plus UDX


  MPN: 051428490   UPC: 023614251897
Browning Buck Mark Pistol - Contour 7.25 URX


  MPN: 051422490   UPC: 023614251569
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