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Available Items Only
Min $
Max $
   22 Long Rifle 6
   22 Long Rifle-22 Magnum 2
   22 Magnum 4
   22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) 2
   32 Harrington & Richardson Magnum 4
   327 Federal Magnum 3
   357 Magnum 4
   38 Special 28
   40 Smith & Wesson 2
+ View More
   Double 14
   Double/Single 51
   Single 4
   5 54
   6 16
   1-1/8 " 3
   2 " 49
   3 " 10
   4 " 5
   5 " 2
   Other 1
   Charter Arms 70
22 Long Rifle (6)
22 Long Rifle-22 Magnum (2)
22 Magnum (4)
22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) (2)
32 Harrington & Richardson Magnum (4)
327 Federal Magnum (3)
357 Magnum (4)
38 Special (28)
40 Smith & Wesson (2)
44 Special (12)
45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (1)
9mm (2)

Charter Arms Revolvers are an American original - For over 40 years Charter Arms has proudly maintained the traditions of New England's famed Gun Valley, the cradle of the American firearms industry. Today, revolvers from Charter Arms are recognized for: ease of use, simplicity of design, trouble-free operation, durability, and superior safety. Setting the American standard for reliable, safe and affordable personal protection. At Charter Arms, the tradition continues.

Charter Arms Revolvers

Charter Arms Revolvers
Testimonials from our Customers
Charter Bulldog Tiger Strips Revolver 24420, 44 Special, 2.5 in, Black Rubber Grip, Stainless Black Stripe Finish, Fixed Sights, 5 Rd
I bought this and have taken it a few times to the range. this gun is a hoot to shoot. i was surprised by the recoil being easier on my wrist than i expected. i own glocks, rugers, smiths, t/c's etc...........big bores and found this to be a fun gun to shoot. i bought a nice leather holster and cc with it. for the price you just cant beat it. buying my wife a 38. look gang, mine is a 44 special and weighs only 21 oz.........the 38 i'm buying weighs 12 oz.......just great deals and good shooters. try one, you wont be sorry.........100% made in the usa also - DENNY

Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver 14420, 44 Special, 2 1/2", Rubber Grip, Blue Finish, 5 Rd
Love it. I usually keep it in the car as I carry an NAA Mini-Revolver, but the Bulldog will fit in the front pocket of a pair of dress pants or suit - although it is a bit heavy - or in an in the pants holster under a long shirt or sport coat. Very accurate with 200 grain Speer Gold Dots or with Cowboy Action Loads or reloads (for practice). Only problem is finding ammunition. - J. K.

Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver 14420, 44 Special, 2 1/2", Rubber Grip, Blue Finish, 5 Rd
This revolver is the ultimate in concealed carry cannons. Slightly smaller than the .45 it has virtually the same punch as the renowned .45 ACP. The advantage is the lighter weight and reliability of a revolver vs. the automatic. One might say "Well it only holds five rounds." Fact is folks, if you didn't get the job done in five, three more ain't going to help you, buy a club. I have found accuracy to be quite acceptable given the average shooting range of most confrontations and recoil is over exaggerated by many nine millimeter fans that squat to pee. The grip is very comfortable and the weapon points well. The only thing I did to enhance the sight picture was to buy a small can of florescent white paint and with a tooth pick, add two dots on each side at the top of the hammer well and one to the back of the front sight and wow---combat sights. This is a fine, reasonably priced revolver and a great backup or protection piece. I recommend it highly. - R. M.

Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver 74421, 44 Special, 2 1/2", Rubber Grip, Stainless Finish, 5 Rd, Double Action Only
This is a great carry gun. I carried mine for a long time. You get where you don't even know it's there. Not the smallest gun to carry, but it's light and I know of no other gun with this much power that's as easy to carry. Always goes "bang". A comforting weapon to carry concealed. - J. H.

Charter Arms Pink Lady Revolver 53830, 38 Special, 2 in, Black Synthetic Grip, Pink Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel Finish, 5 Rd
Looking to purchase this handgun for my wife , who tried a friends at the shooting range & SIMPLY LOVED IT !! After an extensive search ib the weapon she desired, this "Pink Lady" (Charter Arms) met all of the criteria the she was seeking. PLEASE let me know when your business might acquire one for purchase! Thank You, Paul J. Penkala email : bazukajo2002@yahoo.com - P. P.

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