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   22 Short 8
   27 gr 1
   29 gr 6
   30 gr 1
   Aguila Ammunition 1
   CCI Ammunition 4
   Remington Ammo 2
   Winchester Ammo 1


We carry and stock a large selection of discounted, name brand 22 Short / Cb rimfire ammo for sale online. In-stock, available for order and ready to ship.
Testimonials from our Customers
CCI Short HP Small Game Varmint Rimfire Ammunition 0028, 22 Short, Hollow Point (HP), 27 GR, 1105 fps, 100 Rd/bx
My Beretta 950BS pistol loves this stuff, never a failure to fire, accurate and clean burning. The hollow point bullets make all the difference when used as a pocket self-defense pistol. - SCOTT

CCI CB Short Low Noise/Training/Specialty Rimfire Ammunition 0026, 22 CB Short, Round Nose (RN), 29 GR, 710 fps, 100 Rd/bx
This is the ticket for quiet shots at critters that need removing from your yard quietly... - P E

CCI CB Short Low Noise/Training/Specialty Rimfire Ammunition 0026, 22 CB Short, Round Nose (RN), 29 GR, 710 fps, 100 Rd/bx
I can only think of one reason to buy this ammunition and that\'s low noise. Assuming that is the reason anyone is even looking at this review let me assure you it is low noise. I have a Daisy CO2 BB pistol that makes a lot more noise than these. Obviously not a long range round, but I can attest to the fact that it is pretty consistent and accurate at 20 yards. - D. S.

CCI CB Short Low Noise/Training/Specialty Rimfire Ammunition 0026, 22 CB Short, Round Nose (RN), 29 GR, 710 fps, 100 Rd/bx
This ammo is the best .22 on the market. Super accurate, it has the lowest recoil of any .22 ammo and is perfect for rapid fire practice. It is also the most quiet ammo I have ever shot, quieter than sub-sonic LR's. It's too bad it is so expensive, compared to regular high velocity .22. I would have thought that a 29 grain bullet, shorter case and less powder would have added up to a cheaper round. Don't be fooled by it's low velocity, it can easily kill a groundhog at 50 yards. I'm not sure if it will work in all semi-auto pistols chambered for .22 short. The .22 CB short is my all time favorite. - A. S.

CCI CB Long Low Noise/Training/Specialty Rimfire Ammunition 0038, 22 CB Long, Round Nose (RN), 29 GR, 710 fps, 100 Rd/bx
Excellent ammo for my Savage Arms .22 rifle. When they say low noise they mean it is about as loud as a pellet rifle, certain not to disturb anyone nearby. Decent groupings in the batch I got and I will be purchasing more. - J. F.

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Remington Rimfire Ammunition 1022, 22 Short, Plated Lead Round Nose (RN), 29 GR, 1095 fps, 50 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $7.59 for 10+
  MPN: 1022   UPC: 047700000107
Remington Rimfire Ammunition 1000, 22 Short, Plated Lead Round Nose (RN), 30 GR, 1095 fps, 100 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $9.06 for 10+
  MPN: 1000   UPC: 047700481401

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