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   375 Holland & Holland Magnum 33
   375 Winchester 3
   200 gr 2
   230 gr 1
   240 gr 1
   250 gr 2
   260 gr 2
   270 gr 4
   300 gr 23
   Barnes Bullets 2
   Buffalo Bore Ammunition 4
   Corbon Glaser 1
   Federal Cartridge 13
   Hornady 6
   HSM Ammo 1
   Nosler Bullets 3
   Remington Ammo 2
   Sako Firearms 1
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Barnes Bullets (2)
Buffalo Bore Ammunition (4)
Corbon Glaser (1)
Federal Cartridge (13)
Hornady (6)
HSM Ammo (1)
Nosler Bullets (3)
Remington Ammo (2)
Sako Firearms (1)
Winchester Ammo (3)

375 H&H MAG

Testimonials from our Customers
Remington Premier Rifle Ammunition RS375MA, 375 H&H Mag, A-Frame Pointed Soft Point (SP), 300 GR, 2530 fps, 20 Rd/bx
This is exceptional ammunition, both in terminal effectiveness and long range performance. On a Cape buffalo hunt in the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania in Sept., 2006, I took a 2000 lb. animal with one shot to the heart at around 100 yards. The bullet penetrated the left shoulder, the right and left ribcages, both lungs, and the top of the heart at the arterial juncture. The animal dropped within fifty yards. We found the spent bullet under the skin on the off side. When weighed twice for confirmation, the number came to 292 grains. I took a 300 yard shot at a Nyassa wildebeest off sticks, in the rain. He was standing shoulder high in tall grass, so I aimed at the shoulder and flipped him. The zebra and hartebeest around him didn't even notice that he went down. I had to give him a finishing shot. We recovered both bullets. The long range round weighed 297 grains. I didn't weigh the finishing shot. On the range, this bullet shoots half MOA at 100 yards from my only slightly modified Model 70 Safari Express. I highly reccommend this extremely accurate and effective bullet for anything up to elephant, where a solid is obviously required. It performed well on a variety of plains game as well, with one shot kills the rule. - J. M.

AMMO Matching Your Criteria (36 items)
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Barnes VOR-TX Safari Rifle Ammunition 22014, 375 Holland H&H Magnum, TSX Flat Base, 300 GR, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $66.91 for 10+
  MPN: 22014   UPC: 716876130016
Hornady Dangerous Game Rifle Ammunition 82322, 375 H&H Magnum, DGS Round Nose (RN), 300 GR, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $56.48 for 10+
  MPN: 82322   UPC: 090255823226
Nosler Trophy Grade Hunting Rifle Ammunition 60070, 375 Holland H&H Magnum, AccuBond, 300 GR, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $72.60 for 10+
  MPN: 60070   UPC: 054041600705
Nosler Trophy Grade Rifle Ammunition 60090, 375 Holland H&H Magnum, Partition, 260 GR, 2750 fps, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $70.73 for 10+
  MPN: 60090   UPC: 054041600903
Sako Twinhead II Rifle Ammunition PC39480D, 375 H&H Mag, Swift A-Frame, 300 GR, 10 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $50.34 for 10+
  MPN: PC39480D   UPC: 082442684086
Nosler Safari Rifle Ammunition 40606, 375 Holland H&H Magnum, Nosler Partition, 300 GR, 2450 fps, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $96.63 for 10+
  MPN: 40606   UPC: 054041406062
Remington Rifle Ammuntion R375M1, 375 H&H Mag, Soft Point (SP), 270 GR, 2690 fps, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $53.99 for 10+
  MPN: R375M1   UPC: 047700057309
Winchester Super-X Rifle Ammunition X375W, 375 Winchester, Power-Point, 200 GR, 2200 fps, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $52.15 for 10+
  MPN: X375W   UPC: 020892201064
Federal Premium Cape-Shok Ammo P375SA, 375 Holland H&H Magnum, Swift A-Frame, 300 GR, 2450fps, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $69.86 for 10+
  MPN: P375SA   UPC: 029465061173
Hornady Custom Rifle Ammunition 82332, 375 H&H Mag, Round Nose (RN), 300 GR, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $57.68 for 10+
  MPN: 82332   UPC: 090255823325
Federal Fusion Safari F375FS1, 375 Holland H&H Magnum, Spitzer Boat Tail, 300 GR, 2440 fps, 20 Rd/bx

Bulk Discount: $60.36 for 10+
  MPN: F375FS1   UPC: 029465062798

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