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   22 Long Rifle 1
   223 Remington-5.56 NATO 64
   300 AAC Blackout-Whisper 7.62X35mm 3
   308 Winchester 5
   450 Bushmaster 4
   50 Browning Machine Gun BMG 1
   6.8 Remington SPC 2
   7.62mmX39mm 1
   Bolt 1
   Semi-Auto 79
   Other 1
   11 " 1
   15 " 4
   16 " 47
   17 " 9
   19 " 1
   20 " 14
   24 " 4
   30 " 1
   Bushmaster Firearms 81

Bushmaster rifles are some of the most popular AR15-style rifles because of their accuracy, reliability, value and customer service. A Bushmaster rifle's barrel is machined from the best grade of Chrome-Moly Vanadium steel, and Bushmaster offers more than 87 different barrel configurations on their rifles. The bores and chambers on Bushmaster rifles are chrome-lined, offering several advantages over plain steel bores - chrome-lining can double the barrel's life; the chrome protects against corrosion; it increases velocity and improves chambering; and it reduces lead, copper and powder buildup for faster cleaning. The receivers on Bushmaster rifles are machined from high tensile strength aircraft quality aluminum forgings rather than castings. The fit of the receiver to the upper is as tight as can be and the receivers on Bushmaster rifles are hard anodized finished, then coated with a nickel acetate sealer for maximum wear.

Bushmaster Rifles

Bushmaster Rifles
Testimonials from our Customers
Bushmaster Minimalist SD Semi-Auto Rifle 90924, 300 AAC Blackout, 16", Minimalist Black Stock, Black Melonite Finish, 30 Rds
Superb. Light with a solid feel and great trigger. Will shoot 1 inch at 100 yards with either Hornady 110 grain VMAX or SilencerCo 220 grain Sierra Matchkings. Shooting the subsonic rounds with an AAC SDN6 suppressor is extremely quiet. Not much more than the sound of the action cycling. Set zeros for 100 yards with the VMAX then you have just 3 adjustments to mark on your elevation dial. Up 0.7 MILS to take the VMAX to 200 yards. Up 4.5 MILS from zero will put the 220 grain rounds on target at 100 yards. Reducing back from 4.5 MILS to 3.2 MILS will produce a relatively flat trajectory from 25 to 75 yards. Bought it to deal with Hogs at the ranch. -

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