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   Youth Rifle 2
   17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) 2
   17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire HMR 6
   22 Long Rifle 31
   22 Magnum 9
   22 Short-Long-Long Rifle 7
   22 Short/Long/Long Rifle 5
   22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) 5
   223 Remington-5.56 NATO 3
   243 Winchester 3
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   Bolt 6
   Break Open 7
   Lever 122
   Pump 2
   Semi-Auto 2
   16 " 4
   17 " 16
   18 " 2
   19 " 2
   20 " 93
   21 " 4
   22 " 9
   23 " 1
   24 " 6
+ View More
   Henry Repeating Arms 139
17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) (2)
17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire HMR (6)
22 Long Rifle (31)
22 Magnum (9)
22 Short-Long-Long Rifle (7)
22 Short/Long/Long Rifle (5)
22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) (5)
223 Remington-5.56 NATO (3)
243 Winchester (3)
30-30 Winchester (6)
308 Winchester (1)
308 Winchester-7.62 NATO (2)
327 Federal Magnum (4)
357 Magnum (6)
357 Magnum/38 Special (4)
41 Magnum (3)
41 Remington Magnum (1)
44 Remington Magnum (16)
44-40 Winchester (5)
45 Colt (7)
45 Colt (LC) (5)
45-70 Government (8)

16 " (4)
17 " (16)
18 " (2)
19 " (2)
20 " (93)
21 " (4)
22 " (9)
23 " (1)
24 " (6)
25 " (2)

Henry rifles are well known for for their reliability, accuracy, handsome looks and smooth action. The award-winning Golden Boy Rifle from Henry Rifles, a headturner with its octagon barrel and gleaming receiver, is destined to become a family heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation. Unique Henry U.S. Survival rifles, a compact take-down rifle, is ideal for any outdoorsman seeking a rifle that easily fits in a backpack. The Henry .22 Pump action rifles bring back the days of the old-fashioned shooting gallery. The Henry Mini Bolt .22 rifles or the Henry Lever Action Youth .22 rifles are the perfect rifles for younsters. The new Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum rifles were inspired by the overwhelming demand of Henry rifle enthusiasts for a centerfire rifle with a smooth and slick action. The solid brass receiver and octagon barrel harken back to the first Henry rifles built 140 years ago. These Henry rifles are bound to satisfy the needs of big-game hunters and Cowboy Action shooters alike.

Henry Rifles

Henry Rifles
Testimonials from our Customers
Henry Pump Action Rifle H003T, 22 S / L / LR, 20" Octagon, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 15 Rds
I am pleased with the appearance, quality of workmanship, and accuracy of the Henry pump action 22 caliber rifle. It is a true reflection of the "days of old" shooting gallery guns. I have had no problems with the functioning or accuracy of the Henry rifle. 3 rounds ( Remington Long Rifle) and a slight sight adjustment delivered bullseye accuracy at 40 Yards. You pay a bit more for a Henry however it is a fine firearm that can be used and later passed down as a legacy family firearm. Made in America by caring Americans! -

Henry Big Boy Carbine Lever Action Rifle H006R, 44 Mag, 16.5" Octagon, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 7 Rds
great gun, best lever action ever owned! wish my great ,great, great grandfather had one during the civil war!!! -

Henry Lever Action Rifle H001M, 22 Magnum (WMR), 19 1/4", Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 11 Rds
Received the rifle in a shorter time than expected. The rifle is very nice. The only disappointment I have is the scope shown in the pictures of the rifle is not part of the deal. A little confusing I would say. - RONALD PARSONS

Henry Lever Action Rifle H001, 22 LR, 18 1/4", Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 15 Rds
You rarely see anything but a 5 star review on a Henry and there\'s a good reason for that. It\'s accurate, the action is incredibly smooth and the workmanship is outstanding. All this plus it\'s very reasonably priced and all components plus assembly are American. Shoots shorts, longs, and LR from sub sonic to stingers and never fails to function flawlessly. While I haven\'t had occasion to use customer service everyone I talk to says Henry\'s is second to none. My only criticism is that they could have put better sights on it, but since I use a scope this doesn\'t really matter to me. This is my first lever action rifle and I love it. You will too. - D. S.

Henry Goldenboy Lever Action Rifle H004V, 17 HMR, 20" Octagon, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 11 Rds
I love this rifle. It is the best shooting rifle that I have ever had, & I have had a few. It is very fast & shoots straight. I love the fact that it is made in America! - B. D.

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